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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
126 The Deacon Goes for His Sunday Paper Good morning, good morning, it is a good morning Man and His Field 1951 happiness, disappointment Man and His Field 67.
127 Dead Crows Early in the morning two crow abandoned wing Hinterland 1936 death, aging Country Men (1937) xi, (1938) 27, (1943) 37.
128 Deaf Ear You said you would come and Chicago Tribune Magazine 1970 happiness, promise
129 Death of a Marriage They reached home, Black and White 1979 divorce, silence
130 The Debtor These leaden days when the sky is overcast Man and His Field 1951 farming, debt Man and His Field 61, Landmark and Other Poems 39.
131 Destruction The barn stood for shelter The Denver Quarterly 1969 fire, destruction Voyages to the Inland Sea, II 40. Shaken by Leaf-Fall 61, Snake in the Strawberries 56.
132 Detention The wilted flowers View Magazine 1974 school, conflict
133 Dirge for an old Wound Any root worth its salt Lamp in the Spine 1972 nature, perseverance Shaken by Leaf-Fall 12, Snake in the Strawberries 68.
134 Dirty Old Man's Poem A dirty old man’s poem Periodical of Art in Nebraska 1976 desire, sex
135 Discarded I tried to open a drawer in Iowa State Liquor Store 1970 love, memory Snake in the Strawberries 51.
136 Discord After the accident Voyages to the Inland Sea, II 1972 sex, community Voyages to the Inland Sea, II
137 Discovery The wind swept the yard, wrinkled the pond, Catholic Rural life 1963 nature, weather
138 A Disowner Not my world today Event: Journal of Contemporary Art 1978 integrity, alienation Snake in the Strawberries 99.
139 Do People Care for People? Appetites in the barnyard bawled Wormwood Review 1979 compassion, civilization
140 Dogma Sucked and bitten I shake Virginia Quarterly Review 1969 animals, independence Snake in the Strawberries 49.
141 Don't Ask the Professor Don't bring anymore naked questions The Back Door 1970 aging, frustration The Iowan (Spring 1979) 19. Shaken by Leaf-Fall 59, Snake in the Strawberries 72, The Good Earth 62.
142 Double Talk The exercises we schedule Poetry Now 1982 duality, survival
143 Dragon Lesson This country needs live dragons, Snake in the Strawberries 1979 integrity, peace Snake in the Strawberries 100.
144 Dulled Appetite Your letter today A Country Man 1993 friendship, impermanence A Country Man 50.
145 Each Day Alive The desk calendar Northeast 1977 nature, time
146 Each Spring When ducks print signs in the mud for the farmer to read, Music for Seven Poems 1958 spring, hope
147 Each to Its Own Purpose They said, don't use words Yankee Magazine 1975 poetry, language Proved by Trial 13, Snake in the Strawberries 94.
148 Echoes of Memory A birthday card from you today A Country Man 1993 love, longing A Country Man 23.
149 Eighty Birthdays This cake, a snow-topped hill, Yankee Magazine 1977 aging, longing Snake in the Strawberries 84.
150 Elegy Listen, my friend, shuttered in Today 1966 spring, isolation Annals of Iowa 42 (Spring 1974) 294, Late Harvest 76. A Single Focus 66, Snake in the Strawberries 37.