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After the Son Died

Text of Poem

The trees follow two sides of a square
and make a fine windbreak
in this snug corner
apple trees mount the earth and sift their petals
over the stone foundation
over a pile of measured stone
where no house stands
these are just the roots of a house
but there is no growth
here is a background for living
and no life but these trees
and the rabbits who spout from the stones
like furry ghosts
no dream even stands here on this foundation
for the dream went under another stone
and a rented house in town is good enough now.

First Line
The trees follow two sides of a square
Original Pub Location
Original Publication Date
Original Citation
Poetry 56 (Aug 1940) 262.
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It is unusual for Hearst that in this poem the title is an essential part of the poem's meaning.