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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
1 Abandoned Orchard These weathered trees Poetry Now 1984 decay, perseverance
2 Abrasive Time Just think how alert we would all need to be Shaken by Leaf-Fall 1976 aging, time Shaken by Leaf-Fall 67.
3 Accident The iron teeth of the harrow Man and His Field 1951 birds, destruction Man and His Field 61, Landmark and Other Poems 48, Snake in the Strawberries 24.
4 An Account of Failures I woke this morning and felt West Branch 1979 regret, perseverance
5 The Advantage Three haystacks stood against the wind, Man and His Field 1951 winter, chores Man and His Field 65.
6 Advice to Farmers You trimmed the wilderness to size Sparrow Magazine 1961 farming, nature
7 After Chores Close down, Night American Prefaces 1935 chores, sleep American Prefaces 5 (June 1940) 169. Country Men (1937) xxxvii, (1938) 58, (1943) 66, Man and His Field 48, Snake in the Strawberries 26
8 After Corn Husking The last load ends the day University Review 1942 harvest, fall The Sun at Noon 36, Man and His Field 46.
9 After Snowfall Sky smooth as a country New Jersey Poetry Journal 1982 winter, farming
10 After the People Go No one lives here any more, they all have moved away Country Men 1937 drought, nature Country Men (1937) vii, (1938) 24, (1943) 34, Man and His Field 69.
11 After the Son Died The trees follow two sides of a square Poetry 1940 death, impermanence The Sun at Noon 29, Snake in the Strawberries 19.
12 After Years Apart The town moved on its streets Quartet 1968 community, alienation
13 Alien The winter trees replied Harper's Bazaar 1970 winter, solitude Voyages to the Inland Sea II 44. Proved by Trial 18, Snake in the Strawberries 55.
14 Alive and Well Don't fill the kitchen pot Great Lakes Review 1977 winter, perseverance Snake in the Strawberries 96.
15 All Anyone Could Say The children that we love are busy people Man and His Field 1951 children, exploration Man and His Field 58.
16 Alms to the Giver The mail this morning made me The Davidson Miscellany 1982 greed, deception
17 Analogy It's like digging all day at a buried stone Man and His Field 1951 poetry, introspection Man and His Field 60.
18 Animal Tracks There is a tiger hid Hawk and Whippoorwill 1961 duality, nature Limited View 7, Landmark and Other Poems 49.
19 Anyone Can See Anyone with half wit can see Poetry Now 1981 farming, gift
20 Ape in My Heart Lust stinks in my nostrils Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 shame, lust Planting Red Geraniums 21
21 Apparition in the Afternoon The telephone lies in its incubator. 1979
22 Apple Harvest The wind knocks on my door Bitterroot 1965 fall, mortality North American Review (1974) 35. A Single Focus 68, Snake in the Strawberries 37.
23 The Army The pavements of the mind Country Men 1943 indoctrination, morality Country Men (1943) 62, Man and His Field 37.
24 Around the Bend Around the bend the water stills, Outdoor America 1926 fishing, perseverance
25 Arrogance of Things The growth of the cornfield today Snake in the Strawberries 1979 death, materiality Snake in the Strawberries 8.