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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
26 At Least on the Surface People who live in neighborhoods Miscellany 1976 neighbors, appearances Shaken by Leaf-Fall 65, Snake in the Strawberries 69.
27 At Least Once a Problem Solved Sometimes I feel like a shadow Colorado Quarterly 1978 birth, accomplishment
28 At Least One Step It was a night to stay inside, Sunday Oregonian 1972 faith, religion
29 Auction The house offers its private Fiction: The Magazine for Storytelling 1974 money, belongings Snake in the Strawberries 60.
30 Autumn Love When you stood smiling under a roof of leaves Ladies Home Journal 1959 love, fall Limited View 27, Landmark and Other Poems 22.
31 Away with Boards The last storm shook Kansas Quarterly 1984 cities, destruction
32 The Backward Flow A man bent with the burden University of Windsor Review 1979 aging, fall
33 The Balance I bathed in the tender welter New Frontiers 1964 seasons, nature A Single Focus 46.
34 A Balance Sheet From my father's family I inherit Poet and Critic 1982 family, habit
35 Banish Morning Fear When he woke at dawn, it was his habit to think Modern Maturity 1980 aging, mortality
36 The Barn It was like a house but larger and not so tame, Instructor 1959 farming, imagination
37 Barns In November Along an empty road I watched the barns Poetry 1935 winter, harvest Country Men (1937) xxiv, (1938) 46, (1943) 54, Man and His Field 31, Snake in the Strawberries 8.
38 Beauty I stayed in the field though the rain was beginning to fall Independent 1927 rain, drought see variant note
39 Before Frost Now summer's golden bell is mute A Single Focus 1967 seasons, harvest A Single Focus 35, Snake in the Strawberries 40.
40 Beggared The quietness with which I watch you go Limited View 1962 loss, loneliness Scatter the Petals (1969). Limited View 24.
41 Behind the Stove It takes more than wind and sleet to Poetry 1965 affair, desire A Single Focus 48, Landmark and Other Poems 11.
42 Belief My neighbor and I have stood in the sun Midland 1927 friendship, life Literary Digest 12 Nov. (1927) 34, Des Moines Sunday Register 13 Jan. (1929) 8g, College Eye Iowa State Teachers College 12 July (1935) 2. Country Men (1937) ii, (1938) 18, (1943) 28, Man and His Field 27.
43 A Believer A dirty carpet of March snow Anglo-American Studies 1983 birth, animals A Country Man 18.
44 Benchmark of Plunder We needed an onion, the row A Country Man 1993 theft, exchange A Country Man 25.
45 Bereaved Granted, a meeting with her, The American Scholar 1978 death, grief Snake in the Strawberries 98.
46 Best Not to Hope for Miracles He had heard that water A Country Man 1993 mortality, illness A Country Man 41.
47 Better a Bonfire Hitch up the mule, A Country Man 1993 memory, secrecy A Country Man 29.
48 Between Neighbors A raw nerve jumped in our Wisconsin Review 1970 argument, neighbors
49 Between Snow and Stars The sun trips and falls headlong down the sky The Sun at Noon 1943 animals, farming Late Harvest 75. The Sun at Noon 20, Man and His Field 44, Landmark and Other Poems 42.
50 The Bird One day in the bleak month of March Discourse: A Review of Liberal Arts 1961 birds, memory Shaken by Leaf-Fall 66.