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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
201 Frost Though nothing came that could be heard Poetry 1930 fall, death Country Men (1937) iv, (1938) 20, (1943) 30, Man and His Field 43, Landmark and Other Poems 32.
202 Frustration Thoughts run like mice Virginia Quarterly Review 1970 memory, animals Shaken by Leaf-Fall 17, Snake in the Strawberries 66.
203 Games Are Never Free The city park still draws children Iowa Arts Council Newsletter 1968 children, memory Iowa State Arts Council Biennium Report, 1968-1970, 3. Snake in the Strawberries 46.
204 The Gardener When in the sun and armed with shears English Journal 1971 gardening, fall
205 Giant Fear The day overwhelmed him with its size, Cloud Marauder 1968 obligation, overwhelmed
206 Gift for All The miracles of creation Skylark 1981 animals
207 The Gift for Love Underbrush, grasses, weeds, Eidolons 1972 wilderness, order
208 Glorify Our Passage It waits on the hill Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 death, mourning Planting Red Geraniums 27
209 Good Friday My neighbor plants potatoes on Good Friday The Sun at Noon 1943 superstition, tradition The Sun at Noon 11, Landmark and Other Poems 50.
210 Goodbye, Mrs. O'Flynn I am not carrying on with Mrs. O'Flynn A Country Man 1993 gossip, sex A Country Man 55.
211 The Grail The snow falls like flakes of light- Poetry 1935 faith, religion Country Men (1937) x, (1938) 30, (1943) 39, Man and His Field 42, Landmark and Other Poems 58.
212 Grandfather and the Evangelist A tent with a platform and with folding chairs, Snake in the Strawberries 1979 religion, experience Snake in the Strawberries 6.
213 Grandfather's Farm The worn scythe hangs in the box-elder tree, The Saturday Evening Post 1959 work, family Limited View 33, Landmark and Other Poems 7.
214 The Great Coincidence How strange that in the human flow, Man and His Field 1951 love, chance Heartland: Poets of the Midwest 80. Man and His Field 53.
215 A Green Voice Whatever cold tones Midwest Quarterly 1969 renewal, holiday Shaken by Leaf-Fall 54, Landmark and Other Poems 24.
216 The Groundhog Scooped from his winter nest Dry Leaves 1975 faith, animals Dry Leaves.
217 Growing Up It is time to leave the grove, Chowder Review 1977 work, maturity Great Lakes Review 4 (Summer 1977) 61. Snake in the Strawberries 77.
218 Guarding the Fire The wind throws snow at the window The Sun at Noon 1943 imagination, alienation
219 The Hammer and the Rat The teetering carpenter sets his spike Country Men 1943 distraction, inaction North American Review (1974) 33. Country Men (1943) 59. Landmark and Other Poems 14.
220 Hang On to the Grab Bar Caught in the revolving door Kansas Quarterly 1979 longing, civilization
221 The Happy Farmer This farm where I live Music for Seven Poems 1958 farming, poverty
222 The Hard Sell The spangles in his talk glitter The Denver Post Roundup 1971 deception, money
223 Hard Way to Learn A trickle of water from Poetry 1979 farming, knowledge
224 Hard Words Hard words married to Southwest Review 1969 argument, marriage Voyages to the Inland Sea II 41. Shaken by Leaf-Fall 42, Landmark and Other Poems 21.
225 Hardened Arteries When the office screwed a few bucks Poetry Now 1975 selfishness, guilt Proved by Trial 14.