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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
76 Cerebral Palsy Each morning the wild, random The Windless Orchard 1980 illness, perseverance
77 A Chance Meeting A chance day opened a door Motive 1965 fall, conversation
78 The Change The same plowed field and A Single Focus 1967 fall, hunting A Single Focus 59.
79 Change in Appetites We had a hired man whose remarks South Dakota Review 1978 sex, animals
80 Change toward Certainty The afternoon closed it until it seemed Limited View 1962 love, nature Heartland: Poets of the Midwest 79, The Iowan (Spring 1979) 21. Limited View 20, Shaken by Leaf-Fall 25, Snake in the Strawberries 32.
81 Chill Comfort The sun rose, burned off the mist, Virginia Quarterly Review 1975 breakfast, loneliness Proved by Trial 17.
82 The Chipmunk and I The chipmunk sits upright Chicago Tribune Magazine 1969 animals, neighbors Snake in the Strawberries 48.
83 Choosing The stolid farmer took his hoe The Sun at Noon 1943 farming, choice The Sun at Noon 18, Landmark and Other Poems 50, Man and His Field 33.
84 Choreman I am a born choreman A Country Man 1993 work, pride A Country Man 44.
85 Claim for Damages "The man recovered from the bite, Focus 1984 frustration, law
86 Claim of Two Countries My native land finds its map New Frontiers 1964 nature, farming A Single Focus 52, Landmark and Other Poems 18.
87 Cleaning Lady Her coat is vague as fog but she herself Anglo-American Studies 1983 work, virtue A Country Man 18.
88 Cleaning the Barn We put it off, not having to prove The Small Farm 1976 work, farming Landmark and Other Poems 40, Snake in the Strawberries 93.
89 Close Call It was anger's shadow dimmed the room Shaken by Leaf-Fall 1976 anger, weather Shaken by Leaf-Fall 16.
90 Close the Accounts The putting away time shows up Commonweal 1965 farming, fall A Single Focus 19, Snake in the Strawberries 44, Landmark and Other Poems 37.
91 Cloud over the Sun It's a surprise to find you Chicago Tribune Magazine 1972 humility, friendship Shaken by Leaf-Fall 43.
92 Clover Swaths My eyes are cloudy with death. Poetry 1932 youth, death College Eye, Iowa State Teachers College 12 July (1935) 2, Contemporary Iowa Poets Muscatine: The Prairie Press (1935) 2, Heartland: Poets of the Midwest 79, Late Harvest 71. Country Men (1937) xvi, (1938) 37, (1943) 44, Man and His Field 70, Snake in the Strawberries 15.
93 Cock Pheasant The pool of morning lay cool Crazy Horse 1972 birds, color Snake in the Strawberries 54.
94 Cold Snap The winter night in your face Kansas City Magazine 1965 winter, music A Single Focus 56.
95 Cold's Verdict Anger wraps me in a mantle of yellow A Single Focus 1967 neighbors, winter A Single Focus 49, Landmark and Other Poems 29.
96 Come Back, Come Back You emptied the house Windless Orchard II 1972 loss, loneliness
97 Come On, Let's Go Wake up, dope head, wake up, KPFA Folio 1970 farming, spring
98 The Comfort of a Friend We have wandered as we wished A Country Man 1993 aging, friendship A Country Man 47.
99 Comfort in an Old Tune The fields echo an old tune Pebble: A Magazine of Poetry 1971 nature, peacefulness Shaken by Leaf-Fall 71, Landmark and Other Poems 27.
100 Comfort in Small Things I saw them, a glanceful, The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 birds, pleasure