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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republicationsort descending Hearst Collections
226 Pressed Flowers The flowers we picked last summer Nimrod 1971 memory, flowers Shaken by Leaf-Fall 36, Snake in the Strawberries 73.
227 Ute Cemetery Gravestones lean every which way, Westerly Review 1977 death, memory Snake in the Strawberries 90.
228 Our Country The lady in the harbor View Magazine 1978 promise, disillusionment
229 The Storm A storm struck down the old willow Colorado Quarterly 1965 weather, imagination A Single Focus 62, Landmark and Other Poems 31.
230 The Unprotected The sun at noon America 1959 farming, responsibility Limited View 35, Snake in the Strawberries 27.
231 Time to Act At last the revelation, a brisk wind peels Kansas City Magazine 1959 spring, anticipation
232 To Build a Fence We stretch a barbed wire from corner post Snake in the Strawberries 1979 fences, labor Snake in the Strawberries 6.
233 Within Limits One afternoon in early spring Anglo-American Studies 1983 cleaning, decay A Country Man 20.
234 A Green Voice Whatever cold tones Midwest Quarterly 1969 renewal, holiday Shaken by Leaf-Fall 54, Landmark and Other Poems 24.
235 Death of a Marriage They reached home, Black and White 1979 divorce, silence
236 Enjoy Your Release You better grow the Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 death, happiness Planting Red Geraniums 26
237 Too Many Defeats Dull the Spirit The worst was Poetry Now 1975 farming, weather Proved by Trial 12, Snake in the Strawberries 92.
238 Impudence Rowdy winter wind, Man and His Field 1951 wind, winter Man and His Field 52.
239 The Happy Farmer This farm where I live Music for Seven Poems 1958 farming, poverty
240 Choosing The stolid farmer took his hoe The Sun at Noon 1943 farming, choice The Sun at Noon 18, Landmark and Other Poems 50, Man and His Field 33.
241 Winter Reverie Winter grips the farm after Ward Bib. 1986 winter, perseverance A Country Man 37.
242 Comfort in an Old Tune The fields echo an old tune Pebble: A Magazine of Poetry 1971 nature, peacefulness Shaken by Leaf-Fall 71, Landmark and Other Poems 27.
243 Of Course It Matters My neighbor stopped by this morning The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 misfortune, money
244 Banish Morning Fear When he woke at dawn, it was his habit to think Modern Maturity 1980 aging, mortality
245 What Wind crept in to slam the door Prairie Schooner 1970 anger, relationships Shaken by Leaf-Fall 14, Snake in the Strawberries 69.
246 Out of Season Half of the elms along the street looked dead, Pebble: A Magazine of Poetry 1971 decay, wistfulness Snake in the Strawberries 53.
247 After Corn Husking The last load ends the day University Review 1942 harvest, fall The Sun at Noon 36, Man and His Field 46.
248 Not to Give In "I wouldn't take a horse A Country Man 1993 father, defiance A Country Man 48.
249 Cross Purposes The farmer sun Discourse: A Review of Liberal Arts 1961 weather, superstition Limited View 36, Landmark and Other Poems 40.
250 Morning Walk The first thing after breakfast Aspen Times 1967 community, morning