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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
1 Calendar's Mischief A day of shock, America 1977 time, seasons Snake in the Strawberries 78.
2 Cry Shame Stones outlast weather, America 1969 war, farming Voyages to the Inland Sea, II 42. Snake in the Strawberries 55.
3 The Farmer's Season Yeah, spring, I know spring, the vernal season, America 1965 spring, farming "Book Review," Wallace's Farmer (28 Oct. 1967) 3, North American Review (1974) 34, Out of this World: Poems from the Hawkeye State. (1975) 5. A Single Focus 3, Landmark and Other's Poems 56.
4 High Winds and Low Pressures The sun backs through a cloud, America 1975 breakfast, weather
5 Hog Economy The little pig stuck his nose in the trough America 1965 animals, greed Shaken by Leaf-Fall 23, Landmark and Other Poems 55.
6 Liberated by Generosity Today was a turning point America 1981 frugality, generosity
7 Love in Autumn Do you remember the meadow America 1965 love, fall Scatter the Petals. (1969) A Single Focus 63, Snake in the Strawberries 36.
8 The Oldest Season The eye's doors blown open America 1968 winter, defamiliarization Shaken by Leaf-Fall 19.
9 Outsider The field stretches from morning America 1979 plowing, nature
10 The Rescue She piled harsh weeds under the wheel, America 1968 fear, cooperation Shaken by Leaf-Fall 48.
11 Sadness Weeps In my day hate clouds skies America 1968 suffering, hypocrisy
12 See How the Wind See how the wind repeats itself America 1960 winter, perseverance Late Harvest 74. Limited View 9.
13 A Testament The ant down there, dragging his leg, America 1973 perseverance, insects Snake in the Strawberries 58.
14 Time to Go In You poke the fire in the fireplace, America 1983 night, meaning
15 Unearned Gift Shut the door America 1964 love, joy A Single Focus 61, Landmark and Other Poems 17.
16 The Unprotected The sun at noon America 1959 farming, responsibility Limited View 35, Snake in the Strawberries 27.
17 We Ought to Burst into Bloom This morning my wife bought me America 1981 spring, appreciation
18 Winter Mood Warm in mackinaw and boots I read America 1966 winter, poetry Shaken by Leaf-Fall 21, Snake in the Strawberries 76., Shaken by Leaf-Fall 21, Snake in the Strawberries 76.
19 Wren Logic The stump braces its roots America 1969 birds, persistence Shaken by Leaf-Fall 58, Snake in the Strawberries 74.