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Titlesort ascending First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
651 A Small Victory Cold, the snow squeaked underfoot, The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 revenge, animals
652 A Small Matter The farmer knows he's no match Northeast 1981 weather, satisfaction
653 A Show of Compassion The man at her table frowned A Country Man 1993 work, compassion A Country Man 26.
654 A Shabby Day Out of doors, office-bound, Black and White 1979 cities, community
655 A Secret to Live By In the attic of my mind Snake in the Strawberries 1979 memory, revelation Snake in the Strawberries 10.
656 A Return to Facts You check out the office Dry Leaves 1975 renewal, retirement Dry Leaves, Snake in the Strawberries 63.
657 A Prejudiced Witness This morning my wife and I Dry Leaves 1975 birds, marriage Dry Leaves, Landmark and Other Poems 20.
658 A Place to Sit Come in, come in, Neighbor, please come in New Frontiers 1965 hardship, resentment A Single Focus 31, Landmark and Other Poems 12.
659 A Misery Bleeds A misery bleeds inside of me Snake in the Strawberries 1979 Depression, frustration Snake in the Strawberries 52.
660 A Matter of Fact All through the summer I failed to wring truth out of words, Hawk and Whippoorwill 1961 birds, truth Poet Lore 71 (Winter 1976-77) 128.
661 A Jog to Memory The odor of wild honey Sunday Clothes 1975 innocence, happiness
662 A Home of Her Own I left the evening chores and went to the door and spoke Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 death, neighbors Planting Red Geraniums 15
663 A Hawk Is Not a Rabbit He got the message! Colorado Quarterly 1978 independence, aging
664 A Green Voice Whatever cold tones Midwest Quarterly 1969 renewal, holiday Shaken by Leaf-Fall 54, Landmark and Other Poems 24.
665 A Field You Cannot Own You thought there was a For Sale sign Wormwood Review 1972 love, rejection
666 A Few Good Licks So you said I would be the The Davidson Miscellany 1981 marriage, aging
667 A Disowner Not my world today Event: Journal of Contemporary Art 1978 integrity, alienation Snake in the Strawberries 99.
668 A Curious Critter Man is both good and kind Aspen Times 1972 people, morality
669 A Chance Meeting A chance day opened a door Motive 1965 fall, conversation
670 A Believer A dirty carpet of March snow Anglo-American Studies 1983 birth, animals A Country Man 18.
671 A Balance Sheet From my father's family I inherit Poet and Critic 1982 family, habit