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A Curious Critter

Text of Poem

Man is both good and kind
if you do not trust his mind,

he will play the better part
if he answers with his heart.

Think how cruel he can be,
he hung Christ upon a tree,

and he will not keep his word
in this world of the absurd.

When he works or when he plays
he corrupts his nights and days

by using tricks and sleight of hand
to live in castles built on sand.

He dirties love by making whores
of victims of his sexual wars.

And real wars he will righteous fight
his son as soldier, boasts his might.

When proven the cheat he has denied
he sneaks away and tries to hide,

but if he’s caught and sent to prison
he weeps for innocence that’s his’n.

Oh, what a rogue and what a fool,
a king of clowns, the devil’s tool,

yet if he’s praised for his own worth
he will do anything on this earth

to heal a child, to feed the poor,
to build a school, a church, a sewer,

and spend his money, time and thought
on earthquake victims, for folk caught

in floods, in drought, he sweetens bitter,
oh, man, he is a curious critter.

First Line
Man is both good and kind
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Aspen Times (27 April 1972).
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