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A Balance Sheet

Text of Poem

From my father’s family I inherit
this long face and a need for facts,
on my mother’s side a delight in
tales where the hero slays the dragon.
The mirror repeats my age and shows
the wrinkles of my discontent.
I am tangled in webs of habit.
I eat an apple each day, dress up
on Sunday, make love at full moon,
share as much as I borrow, brush
my teeth before I read the headlines,
drink my coffee black with toast.
My files bulge with notes from
committee meetings, I keep a
running account of my expenses.
This stencil for living stamps my work

First Line
From my father's family I inherit
Original Pub Location
Original Publication Date
Original Citation
Poet and Critic 13.2 (1982) 7.
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Longer version in Southwest Review 68.3 (Summer 1983). 252. On file.


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Complete prints 1982 version and titles "A Balance Sheet."