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Title First Linesort descending Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
1 Anyone Can See Anyone with half wit can see Poetry Now 1981 farming, gift
2 No News is Good News Having read the same names in the paper Poetry Now 1976 community, significance
3 Off Limits He burned the grass Poetry Now 1979 fire, control
4 An In-Between Time He hasn't quite left her, Poetry Now 1980 divorce, change
5 How Good is Good Enough He must have read whatever signs Poetry Now 1981 homelessness, distinctions
6 Born Again He woke up when she died, Poetry Now 1976 loss, death
7 Sign-Directed I was born under the sign Poetry Now 1982 birth, superstition
8 Bluejay Into the calm of morning as stone breaks Poetry Now 1976 birds, hunting Proved by Trial 15.
9 Castrating the Pigs It always seemed to be a rainy day Poetry Now 1980 animals, masculinity
10 Instead of Honey Let's get to work, time may be short with us, Poetry Now 1976 labor, religion Snake in the Strawberries 4.
11 There Are Still Some Mysteries My young neighbor attended an Poetry Now 1980
12 Only Flowers Seem Not to Die On our May Day anniversary Poetry Now 1982 flowers, loss
13 Muskrats in the Cornfield Persuasion of rain and sun Poetry Now 1976 farming, animals Proved by Trial 22.
14 Double Talk The exercises we schedule Poetry Now 1982 duality, survival
15 Crop Inspector The farmer opened the gate, Poetry Now 1984 farming, perseverance
16 Weather Words The garden waited to be covered, Poetry Now 1980 gardening, winter
17 Shy Breeder The heifer is in heat but Poetry Now 1981 animals, sex
18 The Way the Light Shines The shrill singing of cicada Poetry Now 1980 aging, friendship
19 Two Men The stiff man scrubs his hands, Poetry Now 1976 duality, conformity
20 Too Many Defeats Dull the Spirit The worst was Poetry Now 1975 farming, weather Proved by Trial 12, Snake in the Strawberries 92.
21 The Snapshot There we four sit, quick perched as sparrows on a wire, Poetry Now 1976 memory, holiday The Iowan (Spring 1979) 15, Christmas in Iowa. Ed. Clarence Andrews. Iowa City: Midwest Heritage Publishing Co. (1979) 66.
22 Abandoned Orchard These weathered trees Poetry Now 1984 decay, perseverance
23 Hardened Arteries When the office screwed a few bucks Poetry Now 1975 selfishness, guilt Proved by Trial 14.
24 Now Hear This Your Honor, she cried, I need help. Poetry Now 1982 religion, marriage