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Now Hear This

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Your Honor, she cried, I need help.
My old man is drunk on salvation.
He spouts the Gospel like a pot
overflowing, chants Psalms in the
bathroom, intones the Ten Commandments
before breakfast. I am smothered
in Proverbs, if I could put them
in vases I would have Parables
blooming all over the house. I am
dizzy from kneeling, I suffer sinus
complaints from frequent baptism.
I am called to bear witness and each
night in the bedroom with hosannas
the shepherd seeks his lost lamb.
I throw my self on the mercy of the
Court to save me from these Days
of Judgment.

First Line
Your Honor, she cried, I need help.
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Poetry Now 6.6 Issue 36 (1982) 11.
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HTP lists as 1983. Complete and IAPV1982 say 1982.