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Abandoned Orchard

Text of Poem

These weathered trees
like fierce old men
endure and endure.
Fungus, neglect and
age do not chasten them.
They lean toward falling.
Shoved by the wind
on brittle roots
with thin sap they pump
each spring the roots’
stores into leaf and
blossom. They bear
wizened apples
shrivelled by frost.
Winter storms shake them,
branches rub and rattle,
and break as if too frail
to bear their burdens.

First Line
These weathered trees
Original Pub Location
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Original Citation
Poetry Now, vol. 7. no. 2, 1983, pp. 20.
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HFP Box 58 Pub log says PN 8.2 Issue 38 (April 1984) 20.