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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republicationsort descending Hearst Collections
251 Love Love hungers, a cruel eye Sparrow Magazine 1961 desire, hunting Limited View 21, Snake in the Strawberries 27.
252 Still Heard but Faintly What chime struck from the iron air Periodical of Art in Nebraska 1976 winter, faith
253 Landscape—Iowa No one who lives here Shaken by Leaf-Fall 1976 land, people Shaken by Leaf-Fall 45, Snake in the Strawberries 67, The Good Earth 63.
254 To Run or Sit Today, he said, the sky bends down The Back Door 1970 frustration, waiting
255 Claim for Damages "The man recovered from the bite, Focus 1984 frustration, law
256 Hard Way to Learn A trickle of water from Poetry 1979 farming, knowledge
257 Hen Pheasant Dusk fills the grove and seeps Poetry 1965 farming, birds A Single Focus 23.
258 The Return Shot from cannon-barrelled wind the sleet Man and His Field 1951 memory, technology Man and His Field 32, Landmark and Other Poems 51 (as "The Magic Lantern").
259 Time's Laggard The house of summer closed its doors. The Saturday Evening Post 1960 winter, stubbornness
260 After the People Go No one lives here any more, they all have moved away Country Men 1937 drought, nature Country Men (1937) vii, (1938) 24, (1943) 34, Man and His Field 69.
261 Let's Go Inside The furrowed field sleeps Sou'wester Literary Quarterly 1968 fall, relaxation Shaken by Leaf-Fall 64.
262 How Many Shadows Has a Man The dog looked into the water Country Men 1943 experience, knowledge
263 Choreman I am a born choreman A Country Man 1993 work, pride A Country Man 44.
264 Espaliered on a Wailing Wall Farmland lacks immunity to the Wascana Review 1980 nature, cities
265 Forewarned Now when the breath of frost has chilled A Single Focus 1967 farming, winter A Single Focus 42, Snake in the Strawberries 45.
266 The Harvesters Bright was the stubble, the sun that day Man and His Field 1951 death, work Man and His Field 63.
267 Last Day at the Swimming Hole Two boys pick their way English Journal 1974 summer, time
268 Theology When we were boys a man my father hired Midland 1927 religion, fear Country Men (1937) xxxviii, (1938) 60 (1943) 68.
269 An Occasion In the late afternoon, Dry Leaves 1975 fall, love Dry Leaves, Landmark and Other Poems 22.
270 It Happened A rumpled bed, Hawk and Whippoorwill 1974 Depression, friendship
271 Random Thoughts Our plan of life together A Country Man 1993 death, loss A Country Man 56.
272 Improve the View Why don't you decorate Nebraska Review 1981 religion, mortality
273 Undertow The bay of morning shines through Seven 1965 writing, distraction A Single Focus 58, Snake in the Strawberries 43.
274 A Misery Bleeds A misery bleeds inside of me Snake in the Strawberries 1979 Depression, frustration Snake in the Strawberries 52.
275 An Account of Failures I woke this morning and felt West Branch 1979 regret, perseverance