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Title First Line Original Publicationsort ascending Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
251 Common Ground Two neighbors lived across a road Kansas City Magazine 1965 neighbors, farming A Single Focus 28.
252 An Evasive Fellow Lust worries the Jump River Review 1981 lust, evasiveness
253 The Molehill The molehill became a mountain Journal of Arts and Letters 1967 argument, marriage
254 To a Loquacious Friend Either you bleat like a moth-eaten Iowa State Liquor Store 1970 language, nature
255 Discarded I tried to open a drawer in Iowa State Liquor Store 1970 love, memory Snake in the Strawberries 51.
256 Weltschmerz Saturday, late November sunshine Iowa State Liquor Store 1971 Depression, November
257 My Father's Care The binder glittered in the sun, Iowa English Yearbook 1961 farming, aging Limited View 32, Landmark and Other Poems 11.
258 The Well By accident one day I found a well, Iowa English Yearbook 1961 water, restoration Limited View 40.
259 First Signs Today the wind trudged in from the south Instructor 1960 spring, weather Limited View 34, Landmark and Other Poems 35.
260 The Barn It was like a house but larger and not so tame, Instructor 1959 farming, imagination
261 Caveat Emptor I meant to take a quiet walk Inserat Groteski 1971 ownership, wilderness
262 Beauty I stayed in the field though the rain was beginning to fall Independent 1927 rain, drought see variant note
263 Summer Rain I stayed in the field though the rain was Independent 1927 rain, drought Country Men (1937) xxxii, (1938) 54, (1943) 61.
264 Protest Now as imperceptibly Independent 1926 time, aging Country Men (1937) xxxviii, (1938) 61, (1943) 69, Man and His Field 71, Snake in the Strawberries 16.
265 Dead Crows Early in the morning two crow abandoned wing Hinterland 1936 death, aging Country Men (1937) xi, (1938) 27, (1943) 37.
266 Retired He sulks in his garden, Hika 1966 Depression, retirement
267 The Isle of the Setting Sun Sailorman, Sailorman, by the dark water, Heacock's 1924 beauty, longing
268 Sad, the Way It Is Stay, stay, pussy willow pussies, Green Magazine 1975 time, impermanence
269 Wither Away, Friend An ill-matched pair Grain 1982 marriage, argument
270 Late Spring I tried to sow the oats and grass this year Furioso 1951 farming, drought Man and His Field 66, Landmark and Other Poems 53.
271 Today is Now It doesn't need headlines, Focus 1984 aging, memory
272 What Time Is It Anyway? You can't win 'em all, Focus 1984 work, alienation
273 Claim for Damages "The man recovered from the bite, Focus 1984 frustration, law
274 Hope Goes Whoosh! We just could not believe our luck. Focus 1984 neighbors, disappointment
275 Auction The house offers its private Fiction: The Magazine for Storytelling 1974 money, belongings Snake in the Strawberries 60.