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Titlesort ascending First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
251 Sooner or Later My roots search for water Yankee Magazine 1980 trouble, nature
252 Song In now time beg the sun hold still Poet Lore 1977 time, impermanence
253 Something Not Tamed in Us Early this winter morning Snake in the Strawberries 1979 birds, charity Snake in the Strawberries 4.
254 Something is Given Something is given Stone Country 1980 poetry, farming
255 So Much Change Remember how the book would not Anglo-American Studies 1983 love, loss A Country Man 21.
256 Snake in the Strawberries This lovely girl dressed in lambswool thoughts The Sun at Noon 1943 disaster, innocence University of Kansas Review 11 (Autumn 1944) 45, Midwest 7 (Spring 1964) vi, Heartland: Poets of the Midwest 77, Interpreting Literature. 4th Ed. K. L. Knickerbocker and H. W. Reninger, eds. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1969. 268, Interpreting Li Man and His Field 64, Shaken by Leaf-fall 72, Snake in the Strawberries 57, The Good Earth 54.
257 Small Thorns The odor from garbage my neighbor Wormwood Review 1979 neighbors, annoyance
258 Signed by Your Kiss We came too late, we found the trees A Single Focus 1967 nature, love A Single Focus 55.
259 Sign-Directed I was born under the sign Poetry Now 1982 birth, superstition
260 Sight by Blindfold I walked up the knoll View Magazine 1974 death, love
261 Shy Breeder The heifer is in heat but Poetry Now 1981 animals, sex
262 Shove It, Brother, Shove It From bedroom to bathroom to North American Review 1979 optimism, disability
263 Shortcut A shortcut, so we said, a different road, Colorado Quarterly 1965 countryside, lost Shaken by Leaf-Fall 35.
264 Shelter under Glass The seventh grade came to visit New Letters 1982 children, appreciation
265 Sharers You grieved so for a rosebush Ladies Home Journal 1971 flowers, loss Snake in the Strawberries 52.
266 Shaped by Names You must exist somewhere Canadian Forum 1977 language, meaning Snake in the Strawberries 95.
267 Shake in Vain Shake in vain the orchard trees Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 trees, longing Planting Red Geraniums 17
268 Seventy Times Seven Let the rain discover Country Men 1937 forgiveness, loneliness
269 Seventh Grade The scrubbed question marks English Journal 1971 children, school Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst Planting Red Geraniums 43.
270 Sense of Order On the farm we had no tunnels A Country Man 1993 understanding, purpose A Country Man 53.
271 Self-Portrait The mirror lacks depth, Virginia Quarterly Review 1975 reflection, aging Shaken by Leaf-Fall 53, Snake in the Strawberries 66.
272 Seeding The morning sun looks in on me Midland 1932 farming, planting Country Men (1937) xxii, (1938) 44 (1943) 51, Man and His Field 45.
273 See How the Wind See how the wind repeats itself America 1960 winter, perseverance Late Harvest 74. Limited View 9.
274 Second Look Lord, let me be patient without rancor Eventorium Muse 1965 decay, perseverance
275 Scatter the Petals She sleeps as if the mouth of buds, American Friend 1958 death, mourning Scatter the Petals (1969). Limited View 25, Snake in the Strawberries 34.