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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republicationsort descending Hearst Collections
651 The Great Coincidence How strange that in the human flow, Man and His Field 1951 love, chance Heartland: Poets of the Midwest 80. Man and His Field 53.
652 The Hammer and the Rat The teetering carpenter sets his spike Country Men 1943 distraction, inaction North American Review (1974) 33. Country Men (1943) 59. Landmark and Other Poems 14.
653 The Inevitable Words like Signposts The morning's paper carried a story Ohio Review 1978 death, friendship The Iowan (Spring 1979) 22, Ohio Review 30 (1983) 252. Snake in the Strawberries 100.
654 The Movers The east wind whips the skirts of the snow American Prefaces 1937 travelers, faith Rural Roads to Security. (1940) 94-5, Out of the Midwest. (1944) 400, America is West. Ed. John T. Flanagan. Minneapolis: Univ. of Minnesota (1945) 307, Poetry Pilot (Jan. 1962) 9. Country Men (1937) vi, (1938) 26, (1943) 32, Man and His Field 21, Landmark and Other Poems 45, The Good Earth 52.
655 The Promise Seems True Snow wastes away, icicles rot, Antigonish Review 1971 farming, ownership New River Review 2 (1977) 60.
656 The Questioner When evening bows its head so does the farmer, Compass Review 1958 farming, significance North American Review (1974) 24. Limited View 10, Landmark and Other Poems 39.
657 The Reason For Stars I never wonder a lot about stars Midland 1926 diligence, farming North American Review (1974) 38. Country Men (1937) xxix, (1938) 51, (1943) 58, Man and His Field 46, Snake in the Strawberries 14, Landmark and Other Poems 26.
658 The Snapshot There we four sit, quick perched as sparrows on a wire, Poetry Now 1976 memory, holiday The Iowan (Spring 1979) 15, Christmas in Iowa. Ed. Clarence Andrews. Iowa City: Midwest Heritage Publishing Co. (1979) 66.
659 The Tarnish The afternoon failed of its promise and the sun Wormwood Review 1962 weather, decay Heartland: Poets of the Midwest. 78. Limited View 19, Landmark and Other Poems 26.
660 The Visit The little world of the garden bare, Wormwood Review 1962 birds, winter Snake in the Strawberries 33. Limited View 41.
661 The Way It Is Prepare the ground, I told her, Great Lakes Review 1977 gardening, gender The Iowan (Spring 1979) 18. Snake in the Strawberries 80.
662 The Young Old-Timer His hands seek each other under his overall bib The Sun at Noon 1943 farming, resentment North American Review (1974) 32. The Sun at Noon 12, Landmark and Other Poems 44.
663 To An Old Sow Whoa there, you crazy sow, where do you think you're going? Limited View 1962 animals, identification North American Review (1974) 20. Limited View 29, Landmark and Other Poems 54.
664 Truth How the devil do I know Sparrow Magazine 1961 knowledge, farming Heartland: Poets of the Midwest 79, Interpreting Literature. 4th ed. K.L. Knickerbocker and H.W. Reninger, eds. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. 1969. 289, Interpreting Literature. 5th ed. 1974. 19, North American Review (1974) 19, The Iowan (Spring Limited View 38, Snake in the Strawberries 28, The Good Earth 67.
665 Voices The restless sea is calling, and I would be away Good Housekeeping 1924 longing, restriction All the Silver Pennies. Ed. Blanche Jennings Thompson. New York: MacMillan (1967) 128.
666 What Shall We Do? It is really a small matter, South Dakota Review 1966 nonconformist, nature North American Review (1974) 25. A Single Focus 36, Landmark and Other Poems 17.
667 When a Neighbor Dies Safe from loneliness, safe from storm, American Prefaces 1936 death, nature Cedar Falls (Iowa) Record 26 June (1937) 37, Midland Schools 77 (Mar. 1963) 13. Country Men (1937) xv, (1938) 34, (1943) 42, Man and His Field 29, Landmark and Other Poems 15.
668 It Might Be True When we kids complained about English Journal 1980 childhood, superstition Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst Planting Red Geraniums 39.
669 Kelly's Woods Kelly’s Woods—our picnic grounds Time Like a Furrow: Essays 1981 family, childhood Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst Planting Red Geraniums 40-42.
670 Seventh Grade The scrubbed question marks English Journal 1971 children, school Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst Planting Red Geraniums 43.
671 This Is the Way It Seems The first of the month the mail English Journal 1982 money, routine Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst Planting Red Geraniums 44.