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Title First Line Original Publicationsort descending Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
376 The Groundhog Scooped from his winter nest Dry Leaves 1975 faith, animals Dry Leaves.
377 Portrait of an Old Horse I wonder what shaggy thoughts Dry Leaves 1975 aging, animals Dry Leaves, Snake in the Strawberries 61.
378 Woman and Her Wayward Garden Maples and oaks turn scarlet, Dry Leaves 1975 fall, wistfulness Dry Leaves.
379 Emerson's Page His Neighbors scratched Educational Leadership 1959 nature, wisdom Limited View 28, Shaken by Leaf-fall 50, Landmark and Other Poems 29.
380 The Cricket If the sparrows would stop Educational Leadership 1959 noise, happiness
381 The Reminder When the day finally ended I felt wet and cold Educational Leadership 1959 love, farming
382 The Gift for Love Underbrush, grasses, weeds, Eidolons 1972 wilderness, order
383 Last Day at the Swimming Hole Two boys pick their way English Journal 1974 summer, time
384 Undone by Frost While once again you must accept English Journal 1971 flowers, time
385 It Might Be True When we kids complained about English Journal 1980 childhood, superstition Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst Planting Red Geraniums 39.
386 Seventh Grade The scrubbed question marks English Journal 1971 children, school Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst Planting Red Geraniums 43.
387 This Is the Way It Seems The first of the month the mail English Journal 1982 money, routine Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst Planting Red Geraniums 44.
388 Every Teacher Has One This morning I cleaned out English Journal 1971 memory, secrecy
389 The Gardener When in the sun and armed with shears English Journal 1971 gardening, fall
390 Words of a Season Bundled in scarfs the kids ride their bikes Epoch 1966 seasons, transitions A Single Focus 15, Landmark and Other Poems 30.
391 Queer People Queer people eat soup Erebus Rising 1971 compassion, nonconformity Shaken by Leaf-Fall 41, Landmark and Other Poems 16.
392 Tornado The cornfield felt a need to write Etc. A Review of General Semantics 1966 weather, order
393 No More Chores The old farmer nurses rheumatic joints Event: Journal of Contemporary Art 1978 farming, memory The New Renaissance 3 (1979) 45. Snake in the Strawberries 98.
394 Nag, Nag, Nag All Day The buzzing sound in my ears Event: Journal of Contemporary Art 1981 interruptions, work
395 A Disowner Not my world today Event: Journal of Contemporary Art 1978 integrity, alienation Snake in the Strawberries 99.
396 Second Look Lord, let me be patient without rancor Eventorium Muse 1965 decay, perseverance
397 Auction The house offers its private Fiction: The Magazine for Storytelling 1974 money, belongings Snake in the Strawberries 60.
398 Claim for Damages "The man recovered from the bite, Focus 1984 frustration, law
399 Hope Goes Whoosh! We just could not believe our luck. Focus 1984 neighbors, disappointment
400 Today is Now It doesn't need headlines, Focus 1984 aging, memory