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Title First Line Original Publicationsort descending Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
351 The Shadow I have seen the butcher's shadow Chicago Jewish Forum 1959 animals, slaughter Limited View 4, Snake in the Strawberries 29.
352 Deaf Ear You said you would come and Chicago Tribune Magazine 1970 happiness, promise
353 Fear of Renewal Snow rotted at the sun's touch, Chicago Tribune Magazine 1968 seasons, loneliness Shaken by Leaf-Fall 57.
354 The Chipmunk and I The chipmunk sits upright Chicago Tribune Magazine 1969 animals, neighbors Snake in the Strawberries 48.
355 Cloud over the Sun It's a surprise to find you Chicago Tribune Magazine 1972 humility, friendship Shaken by Leaf-Fall 43.
356 Revelation Who ordained the flicker on my Christian Science Monitor 1973 morning, birds Snake in the Strawberries 59.
357 Surprise [2] Some friends of ours decided to Christian Science Monitor 1977 farming, unexpected
358 Giant Fear The day overwhelmed him with its size, Cloud Marauder 1968 obligation, overwhelmed
359 On Relief Our glances met as glances meet Common Sense 1939 Depression, poverty The Sun at Noon 32, Landmark and Other Poems 8.
360 Winter Morning I enter a winter morning Contact 1981 isolation, winter
361 Reason to Get Up in the Morning All this chatter about Contact 1984 routine, morning
362 Part Of An Eternal Dialogue What do I hear on my window rapping Contemporary Verse 1925 life, aging Country Men (1937) xxxi, (1938) 53, (1943) 60.
363 Spring Fever Sun touched I sit on a Cottonwood Review 1968 spring, anticipation Shaken by Leaf-Fall 27, Snake in the Strawberries 72.
364 A Way to Measure How stupid to try to measure Cottonwood Review 1968 time, memory
365 Cock Pheasant The pool of morning lay cool Crazy Horse 1972 birds, color Snake in the Strawberries 54.
366 Time of Contrition Today I saw the gossip pack Denver Post 1959 gossip, regret
367 Karma Still, cries of hunting shake the grove DePaul Literary Magazine 1965 hunting, wilderness A Single Focus 26, Snake in the Strawberries 45.
368 Veteran's Day How thankful they should be, Des Moines Register 1976 war, innocence Snake in the Strawberries 65.
369 Woman and Her Wayward Garden Maples and oaks turn scarlet, Dry Leaves 1975 fall, wistfulness Dry Leaves.
370 An Occasion In the late afternoon, Dry Leaves 1975 fall, love Dry Leaves, Landmark and Other Poems 22.
371 A Prejudiced Witness This morning my wife and I Dry Leaves 1975 birds, marriage Dry Leaves, Landmark and Other Poems 20.
372 The Visitor In the heat of the afternoon Dry Leaves 1975 farming, ownership Dry Leaves, Snake in the Strawberries 62.
373 A Return to Facts You check out the office Dry Leaves 1975 renewal, retirement Dry Leaves, Snake in the Strawberries 63.
374 Outlived by Time The empty hearse skimmed away Dry Leaves 1975 death, funeral Dry Leaves, Snake in the Strawberries 62.
375 Waiting Waiting is not patience Dry Leaves 1975 frustration, fishing Dry Leaves.