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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republicationsort descending Hearst Collections
126 Warm-Eyed Memory While I wait for my next student Sou'wester Literary Quarterly 1968 birds, memory
127 Women Shearing Men The wind whistles a bawdy tune, Canadian Forum 1979 control, animals Snake in the Strawberries 97.
128 The Neighborhood The neighborhood has a mind and heart of its own The Sun at Noon 1943 secrecy, community The Sun at Noon 24, Snake in the Strawberries 20.
129 Day's Facts There came a morning when Prairie Schooner 1970 technology, breakdown Shaken by Leaf-Fall 37.
130 Cock Pheasant The pool of morning lay cool Crazy Horse 1972 birds, color Snake in the Strawberries 54.
131 Never Too Late He grunted, jammed North American Review 1984 aging, gardening A Country Man 28.
132 The Oldest Season The eye's doors blown open America 1968 winter, defamiliarization Shaken by Leaf-Fall 19.
133 The Waster The stalks still stand erect and the tassels wave, Kansas City Magazine 1961 animals, farming Limited View 37, Landmark and Other Poems 54.
134 Home Work Today is cleaning day in the pens The Ghent Quarterly 1975 work, animals
135 No Word for the Wise We can tell the year's close Southwest Review 1979 winter, aging
136 Wilderness Token Wild grapes tied their vines New Mexico Quarterly 1964 nature, appreciation A Single Focus 16.
137 Praise When I forced the fat land with seed Shaken by Leaf-Fall 1976 farming, nature Shaken by Leaf-Fall 55, Landmark and Other Poems 57 (as "Now I Am Free").
138 Home The house sags like it’s grieving, paint Hawk and Whippoorwill 1963 misfortune, rootedness
139 Dulled Appetite Your letter today A Country Man 1993 friendship, impermanence A Country Man 50.
140 Glorify Our Passage It waits on the hill Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 death, mourning Planting Red Geraniums 27
141 The Thief The fists of the summer sun Man and His Field 1951 weather, seasons Man and His Field 52.
142 Between Neighbors A raw nerve jumped in our Wisconsin Review 1970 argument, neighbors
143 Lack of Seed Power He drooped like a wilted flower Harper's Bazaar 1980 impotence, regret
144 Before Frost Now summer's golden bell is mute A Single Focus 1967 seasons, harvest A Single Focus 35, Snake in the Strawberries 40.
145 A Prejudiced Witness This morning my wife and I Dry Leaves 1975 birds, marriage Dry Leaves, Landmark and Other Poems 20.
146 Come On, Let's Go Wake up, dope head, wake up, KPFA Folio 1970 farming, spring
147 Sense of Order On the farm we had no tunnels A Country Man 1993 understanding, purpose A Country Man 53.
148 End of April A grey sky roofs the morning Yankee Magazine 1968 weather, color Snake in the Strawberries 47.
149 Love is Not Earned A display of my skills Northeast 1981 love, skill
150 Love's Survival The blind fingertips of longing A Single Focus 1967 summer, love A Single Focus 51.