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Titlesort descending First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
201 Grandfather and the Evangelist A tent with a platform and with folding chairs, Snake in the Strawberries 1979 religion, experience Snake in the Strawberries 6.
202 Grandfather's Farm The worn scythe hangs in the box-elder tree, The Saturday Evening Post 1959 work, family Limited View 33, Landmark and Other Poems 7.
203 Growing Up It is time to leave the grove, Chowder Review 1977 work, maturity Great Lakes Review 4 (Summer 1977) 61. Snake in the Strawberries 77.
204 Guarding the Fire The wind throws snow at the window The Sun at Noon 1943 imagination, alienation
205 Hang On to the Grab Bar Caught in the revolving door Kansas Quarterly 1979 longing, civilization
206 Hard Way to Learn A trickle of water from Poetry 1979 farming, knowledge
207 Hard Words Hard words married to Southwest Review 1969 argument, marriage Voyages to the Inland Sea II 41. Shaken by Leaf-Fall 42, Landmark and Other Poems 21.
208 Hardened Arteries When the office screwed a few bucks Poetry Now 1975 selfishness, guilt Proved by Trial 14.
209 Harvest Claim The clover field in bloom seemed innocent Kansas City Star 1957 seasons, harvest Shaken by Leaf-Fall 60, Snake in the Strawberries 67.
210 Hen Pheasant Dusk fills the grove and seeps Poetry 1965 farming, birds A Single Focus 23.
211 Here and There It's true the days are longer, Snake in the Strawberries 1979 spring, despair Snake in the Strawberries 47.
212 High Winds and Low Pressures The sun backs through a cloud, America 1975 breakfast, weather
213 His Daily Pack Come here and let me tell you about this man Limited View 1962 order, work Limited View 15, Landmark and Other Poems 41.
214 Hog Economy The little pig stuck his nose in the trough America 1965 animals, greed Shaken by Leaf-Fall 23, Landmark and Other Poems 55.
215 Home The house sags like it’s grieving, paint Hawk and Whippoorwill 1963 misfortune, rootedness
216 Home Place This is the way it was: The Congregationalist 1965 snowstorm, winter Harper's Bazaar (Jan. 1969) 96. A Single Focus 39.
217 Home Work Today is cleaning day in the pens The Ghent Quarterly 1975 work, animals
218 Homecoming So let's knock off for the day, I said, Shaken by Leaf-Fall 1976 farming, home Shaken by Leaf-Fall 39.
219 Homesickness Marie Summers took a course in Commercial The Sun at Noon 1943 cities, alienation The Sun at Noon 28, Snake in the Strawberries 19.
220 Hope Goes Whoosh! We just could not believe our luck. Focus 1984 neighbors, disappointment
221 Hostility to Order Today the sun's eye Great Lakes Review 1977 entropy, order Snake in the Strawberries 84.
222 Housebroken The year has turned, Wascana Review 1980 nature, winter
223 How Good is Good Enough He must have read whatever signs Poetry Now 1981 homelessness, distinctions
224 How Many Shadows Has a Man The dog looked into the water Country Men 1943 experience, knowledge
225 I Set My Chair I set my chair on the driveway Proved by Trial 1977 meditation, interruptions Proved by Trial 25, Snake in the Strawberries 88.