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Titlesort descending First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
176 Father Nailheads broke off with the sound Wascana Review 1976 family, kindness Snake in the Strawberries 74.
177 Fear of Play for Keeps It's just for the program, A Country Man 1993 children, relationships A Country Man 27.
178 Fear of Renewal Snow rotted at the sun's touch, Chicago Tribune Magazine 1968 seasons, loneliness Shaken by Leaf-Fall 57.
179 First Signs Today the wind trudged in from the south Instructor 1960 spring, weather Limited View 34, Landmark and Other Poems 35.
180 First Snow The road and yard are full of dust Midland 1926 change, reflection Country Men (1937) xxi, (1938) 42, (1943) 49, Man and His Field 50, Landmark and Other Poems 36.
181 Flight and Return The locked house next door Great Lakes Review 1977 neighbors, racism Snake in the Strawberries 78.
182 Flowers Would Be Better My wife calls me to see her garden. A Country Man 1993 gardening, gender North American Review 299.2 (Spring 2014) 28. A Country Man 34.
183 Fog Waves of the sea's ghost Man and His Field 1951 weather, defamiliarization North American Review 299.2 (Spring 2014) 26. Man and His Field 28, Landmark and Other Poems 36.
184 For A Neighbor Woman Early this morning Man and His Field 1951 death, gardening Man and His Field 28, Landmark and Other Poems 10.
185 For God's Sake Why don't you clean up your place, Penny Poems From Midwestern University 1965 garden, decay Proved by Trial 19, Landmark and Other Poems 21.
186 Forecast I hang a chart for prophecy New York Times 1972 fortelling, mood
187 Forewarned Now when the breath of frost has chilled A Single Focus 1967 farming, winter A Single Focus 42, Snake in the Strawberries 45.
188 Forked Road It's hard to decide sometimes Wascana Review 1976 decisions, obligation Snake in the Strawberries 64.
189 Forsythia You said, take a few dry Poetry 1965 flowers, surprise North American Review (1974) 31, The Iowan (Spring 1979) 20. A Single Focus 13, Snake in the Strawberries 36, The Good Earth 61.
190 Fourth of July Early in the morning The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 patriotism, disappointment
191 Fourth of July at Aspen The color-striped day South Dakota Review 1968 mountains, holiday
192 Free Man Hans Karen and debt were old friends until 1932 The Sun at Noon 1943 debt, money North American Review (1974) 31. The Sun at Noon 25, Landmark and other Poems 16.
193 Frost Though nothing came that could be heard Poetry 1930 fall, death Country Men (1937) iv, (1938) 20, (1943) 30, Man and His Field 43, Landmark and Other Poems 32.
194 Frustration Thoughts run like mice Virginia Quarterly Review 1970 memory, animals Shaken by Leaf-Fall 17, Snake in the Strawberries 66.
195 Games Are Never Free The city park still draws children Iowa Arts Council Newsletter 1968 children, memory Iowa State Arts Council Biennium Report, 1968-1970, 3. Snake in the Strawberries 46.
196 Giant Fear The day overwhelmed him with its size, Cloud Marauder 1968 obligation, overwhelmed
197 Gift for All The miracles of creation Skylark 1981 animals
198 Glorify Our Passage It waits on the hill Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 death, mourning Planting Red Geraniums 27
199 Good Friday My neighbor plants potatoes on Good Friday The Sun at Noon 1943 superstition, tradition The Sun at Noon 11, Landmark and Other Poems 50.
200 Goodbye, Mrs. O'Flynn I am not carrying on with Mrs. O'Flynn A Country Man 1993 gossip, sex A Country Man 55.