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Title First Line Original Publicationsort ascending Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
176 Shove It, Brother, Shove It From bedroom to bathroom to North American Review 1979 optimism, disability
177 Wheelchair Blues Two raised steps deny him North American Review 1979 disability, memory
178 Pressed Flowers The flowers we picked last summer Nimrod 1971 memory, flowers Shaken by Leaf-Fall 36, Snake in the Strawberries 73.
179 Spring Rites We celebrate the rites of spring New York Times 1971 planting, ritual Shaken by Leaf-Fall 49.
180 Forecast I hang a chart for prophecy New York Times 1972 fortelling, mood
181 Stormbound Whipped by the blizzard I fled New York Times 1970 birds, weather Shaken by Leaf-Fall 20.
182 View by View Poplars mark the limit of the yard New York Times 1969 love, secrecy Snake in the Strawberries 49.
183 The Captain Ashore I know a man whose twisted wife New York Herald Tribune 1964 greed, respect
184 Buried Seeds The buried seeds drink up the snow New York Herald Tribune 1964 nature, spring A Single Focus 43.
185 Love's Apostate I shoulder my bag, slink through New York Herald Tribune 1964 forgiveness, resentment A Single Focus 54.
186 The Return Flight Evening spread fingers of shadow New York Herald Tribune 1964 birds, fall A Single Focus 72.
187 Words that Smell Bad Neighbor, your "friendly" note arrived New River Review 1977 neighbors, argument Snake in the Strawberries 86.
188 It Never Went Away In daytime the cellar seemed safe, New River Review 1977 night, fear Snake in the Strawberries 91.
189 Wilderness Token Wild grapes tied their vines New Mexico Quarterly 1964 nature, appreciation A Single Focus 16.
190 Shelter under Glass The seventh grade came to visit New Letters 1982 children, appreciation
191 After Snowfall Sky smooth as a country New Jersey Poetry Journal 1982 winter, farming
192 The Balance I bathed in the tender welter New Frontiers 1964 seasons, nature A Single Focus 46.
193 A Place to Sit Come in, come in, Neighbor, please come in New Frontiers 1965 hardship, resentment A Single Focus 31, Landmark and Other Poems 12.
194 Claim of Two Countries My native land finds its map New Frontiers 1964 nature, farming A Single Focus 52, Landmark and Other Poems 18.
195 Bound to Happen At the haybarn's peak where New England Review 1981 aging, animals
196 The Short Run and the Long Pull Our fields lay side by side, Nebraska Review 1981 farming, fertilizer
197 What's Time to a Hog? Today a man asked me Nebraska Review 1982 time, mortality
198 Improve the View Why don't you decorate Nebraska Review 1981 religion, mortality
199 Emeritus He cleans out the file and crams National Retired Teachers Association Journal 1977 retirement, time
200 The Professor Enrolls I decided to major in leisure National Retired Teachers Association Journal 1978 relaxation, education