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Title First Line Original Publication Datesort descending Themes Republication Hearst Collections
176 Discovery The wind swept the yard, wrinkled the pond, Catholic Rural life 1963 nature, weather
177 Home The house sags like it’s grieving, paint Hawk and Whippoorwill 1963 misfortune, rootedness
178 The Wasted Corner She was a higglety, pigglety hen Wormwood Review 1963 farming, animals A Single Focus 27, Landmark and Other Poems 14.
179 Tasters The summer sun made blood like sap Midwest Quarterly 1964 summer, desire A Single Focus 45, Snake in the Strawberries 39.
180 The Balance I bathed in the tender welter New Frontiers 1964 seasons, nature A Single Focus 46.
181 Reprieve I too have gone Onward 1964 misfortune, love
182 The Return Flight Evening spread fingers of shadow New York Herald Tribune 1964 birds, fall A Single Focus 72.
183 The Captain Ashore I know a man whose twisted wife New York Herald Tribune 1964 greed, respect
184 Unearned Gift Shut the door America 1964 love, joy A Single Focus 61, Landmark and Other Poems 17.
185 Ownership Old neighbors of my people Discourse: A Review of Liberal Arts 1964 farming, mortality Harper's Bazaar (December 1968) 180. A Single Focus 73, Landmark and Other Poems 43.
186 Wilderness Token Wild grapes tied their vines New Mexico Quarterly 1964 nature, appreciation A Single Focus 16.
187 Claim of Two Countries My native land finds its map New Frontiers 1964 nature, farming A Single Focus 52, Landmark and Other Poems 18.
188 Buried Seeds The buried seeds drink up the snow New York Herald Tribune 1964 nature, spring A Single Focus 43.
189 Love's Apostate I shoulder my bag, slink through New York Herald Tribune 1964 forgiveness, resentment A Single Focus 54.
190 Wilderness Ways The rabbit knows why the hawk is there Commonweal 1965 wilderness, animals A Single Focus 20, Snake in the Strawberries 42.
191 Cold Snap The winter night in your face Kansas City Magazine 1965 winter, music A Single Focus 56.
192 Shortcut A shortcut, so we said, a different road, Colorado Quarterly 1965 countryside, lost Shaken by Leaf-Fall 35.
193 Apple Harvest The wind knocks on my door Bitterroot 1965 fall, mortality North American Review (1974) 35. A Single Focus 68, Snake in the Strawberries 37.
194 Hen Pheasant Dusk fills the grove and seeps Poetry 1965 farming, birds A Single Focus 23.
195 Undertow The bay of morning shines through Seven 1965 writing, distraction A Single Focus 58, Snake in the Strawberries 43.
196 Forsythia You said, take a few dry Poetry 1965 flowers, surprise North American Review (1974) 31, The Iowan (Spring 1979) 20. A Single Focus 13, Snake in the Strawberries 36, The Good Earth 61.
197 Behind the Stove It takes more than wind and sleet to Poetry 1965 affair, desire A Single Focus 48, Landmark and Other Poems 11.
198 In Doubt Perhaps the fields are doubtful too in spring Midwest Quarterly 1965 farming, winter A Single Focus 24, Landmark and Other Poems 35.
199 November The sun dripped honey-colored days Ladies Home Journal 1965 fall, harvest A Single Focus 71, Landmark and Other Poems 32.
200 Marred This headache of a morning Sparrow Magazine 1965 morning, birds North American Review (1974) 31. A Single Focus 38, Landmark and Other Poems 19.