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Title First Linesort ascending Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
176 Between Snow and Stars The sun trips and falls headlong down the sky The Sun at Noon 1943 animals, farming Late Harvest 75. The Sun at Noon 20, Man and His Field 44, Landmark and Other Poems 42.
177 Chill Comfort The sun rose, burned off the mist, Virginia Quarterly Review 1975 breakfast, loneliness Proved by Trial 17.
178 No Answer The sun rose up with a fuzzy eye, The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 misfortune, morning
179 On Guard The sun protects my back Tinderbox 1978 morning, fear
180 November The sun dripped honey-colored days Ladies Home Journal 1965 fall, harvest A Single Focus 71, Landmark and Other Poems 32.
181 High Winds and Low Pressures The sun backs through a cloud, America 1975 breakfast, weather
182 The Unprotected The sun at noon America 1959 farming, responsibility Limited View 35, Snake in the Strawberries 27.
183 Tasters The summer sun made blood like sap Midwest Quarterly 1964 summer, desire A Single Focus 45, Snake in the Strawberries 39.
184 Wren Logic The stump braces its roots America 1969 birds, persistence Shaken by Leaf-Fall 58, Snake in the Strawberries 74.
185 The Other Land The strength and persuasion of the long slow turning The Sun at Noon 1943 seasons, divinity The Sun at Noon 22.
186 Vacation in Colorado The street's hullabaloo tramps Great Lakes Review 1977 wilderness, civilization Snake in the Strawberries 90.
187 Day with a Bad Taste The street gasps with the exhaust Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 cities, loneliness Planting Red Geraniums 25
188 Stream and Tree The stream's promise Wascana Review 1975 nature, suicide Shaken by Leaf-Fall 70.
189 Choosing The stolid farmer took his hoe The Sun at Noon 1943 farming, choice The Sun at Noon 18, Landmark and Other Poems 50, Man and His Field 33.
190 Two Men The stiff man scrubs his hands, Poetry Now 1976 duality, conformity
191 The Waster The stalks still stand erect and the tassels wave, Kansas City Magazine 1961 animals, farming Limited View 37, Landmark and Other Poems 54.
192 The Hard Sell The spangles in his talk glitter The Denver Post Roundup 1971 deception, money
193 The Grail The snow falls like flakes of light- Poetry 1935 faith, religion Country Men (1937) x, (1938) 30, (1943) 39, Man and His Field 42, Landmark and Other Poems 58.
194 Order in the Grove The small grove has been let go, South Dakota Review 1971 order, animals
195 The Way the Light Shines The shrill singing of cicada Poetry Now 1980 aging, friendship
196 Shelter under Glass The seventh grade came to visit New Letters 1982 children, appreciation
197 Spring Lament The season has sounded its call to the farm's sleepy ears, Limited View 1962 spring, loneliness Landmark and Other Poems 53.
198 Seventh Grade The scrubbed question marks English Journal 1971 children, school Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst Planting Red Geraniums 43.
199 The Change The same plowed field and A Single Focus 1967 fall, hunting A Single Focus 59.
200 Line Between Seasons The rollicking whinny of the wind Quartet 1966 nature, winter A Single Focus 25, Snake in the Strawberries 41.