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Titlesort ascending First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
276 Sauce for the Gander The last person to bed starts the Cedar Arts Forum 1978 marriage, night
277 Saturday Morning This morning wrapped in my indolence The Smith 1968 birds, guilt
278 Sap's Rise The creek retreats from flood rage see "The Face of Things" 1970 spring, renewal Landmark and Other Poems 27.
279 Same Thing but Different The paperboy slammed the screen door Great Lakes Review 1977 community, routine Snake in the Strawberries 81.
280 Sadness Weeps In my day hate clouds skies America 1968 suffering, hypocrisy
281 Sad, the Way It Is Stay, stay, pussy willow pussies, Green Magazine 1975 time, impermanence
282 Ruffle the Pages An oak tree spread shade, A Country Man 1993 death, family A Country Man 52.
283 Routine Keeps Me I make water in the morning KPFA Folio 1970 respect, responsibility Snake in the Strawberries 51.
284 Routine The boy drowning under waves Aspen Times 1972 routine, frustration Snake in the Strawberries 10.
285 Robin In The Straw A robin scratches right and left Midland 1932 reflection, birds Country Men (1937) xxvii, (1938) 49, (1943) 56.
286 Revival The anxious hours numb me Reporter 1967 fall, mortality Shaken by Leaf-Fall 56, Snake in the Strawberries 76.
287 Revelation Who ordained the flicker on my Christian Science Monitor 1973 morning, birds Snake in the Strawberries 59.
288 Retirement Time Is the Time to Retire About twilight, swallows stitched Snake in the Strawberries 1979 retirement, aging Snake in the Strawberries 5.
289 Retirement Blues Neither anger nor reproach will Poetry View 1979 aging, life
290 Retired He sulks in his garden, Hika 1966 Depression, retirement
291 Responsibility of Being Young All I knew concerned my Barnwood 1981 chores, death
292 Resort to Calm No protest, just the door's soft sigh, Prairie Schooner 1970 relaxation, neighbors Snake in the Strawberries 50.
293 Resolution Strokes took off the big tree's top after Ward Bib. 1982 work
294 Reprieve I too have gone Onward 1964 misfortune, love
295 Relief from Pressure The forecast said rain, Colorado Quarterly 1978 weather, work
296 Reflection in a Dimestore Window It’s not that men are never Poet Lore 1971 appearance, judgement
297 Reflection I think I shall decide to stay Bookman 1927 farming, nature Des Moines Sunday Register 13 Jan (1929) 8g, Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Poets New York: Avon House (1938), North American Review (1974) 26. Country Men (1937) xvii, (1938) 38, (1943) 45, Man and His Field 32, Landmark and Other Poems 38.
298 Reason to Get Up in the Morning All this chatter about Contact 1984 routine, morning
299 Random Thoughts Our plan of life together A Country Man 1993 death, loss A Country Man 56.
300 Quiet Sunday The old dog sleeps on the porch. Sparrow Magazine 1961 stillness, Sunday Limited View 39, Landmark and Other Poems 57.