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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
651 Winter Reverie Winter grips the farm after Ward Bib. 1986 winter, perseverance A Country Man 37.
652 A Winter Review The farm wraps itself for winter The Wormwood Review 1972 winter, farming Shaken by Leaf-Fall 11.
653 Winter Shower This morning's miracle shakes my faith American Prefaces 1937 winter, perceptions The Sun at Noon 16, Man and His Field 49.
654 Winter Solstice This is the final day Country Men 1938 love, winter Country Men (1938) 57.
655 A Wise Man is No Fool Back in the days of kiss-and-tell, A Country Man 1993 love, pun A Country Man 17.
656 Wish for a Season Today you said you would not sigh South Dakota Review 1969 winter, longing
657 Wither Away, Friend An ill-matched pair Grain 1982 marriage, argument
658 Within Limits One afternoon in early spring Anglo-American Studies 1983 cleaning, decay A Country Man 20.
659 Without Your Good Morning Perhaps I miss you more than I should, A Country Man 1993 death, loss A Country Man 49.
660 Witnesses The orchard basks in South Dakota Review 1982 fall, wilderness
661 Woman and Her Wayward Garden Maples and oaks turn scarlet, Dry Leaves 1975 fall, wistfulness Dry Leaves.
662 Women Shearing Men The wind whistles a bawdy tune, Canadian Forum 1979 control, animals Snake in the Strawberries 97.
663 Wonder of Hummingbirds Glass cells of red syrup hang Shaken by Leaf-Fall 1976 birds, amazement Shaken by Leaf-Fall 68, Landmark and Other Poems 24 (variant).
664 Words of a Season Bundled in scarfs the kids ride their bikes Epoch 1966 seasons, transitions A Single Focus 15, Landmark and Other Poems 30.
665 Words that Smell Bad Neighbor, your "friendly" note arrived New River Review 1977 neighbors, argument Snake in the Strawberries 86.
666 Wren in the Vervain Sprung from the sacred verbena family A Single Focus 1967 nature, birds A Single Focus 14, Landmark and Other Poems 47.
667 Wren Logic The stump braces its roots America 1969 birds, persistence Shaken by Leaf-Fall 58, Snake in the Strawberries 74.
668 Year after Year By ones, twos and in groups A Country Man 1993 routine, childhood A Country Man 16.
669 Yes, It Would Wouldn't it be a gas some morning Quartet 1974 responsibility, animals Landmark and Other Poems 9.
670 You Can't Plow Stone The plow point starts the furrow, Sunday Clothes 1973 farming, defiance
671 The Young Old-Timer His hands seek each other under his overall bib The Sun at Noon 1943 farming, resentment North American Review (1974) 32. The Sun at Noon 12, Landmark and Other Poems 44.