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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republicationsort descending Hearst Collections
201 In Doubt Perhaps the fields are doubtful too in spring Midwest Quarterly 1965 farming, winter A Single Focus 24, Landmark and Other Poems 35.
202 Double Talk The exercises we schedule Poetry Now 1982 duality, survival
203 Mad Dog Like a great yellow dog, the sun Country Men 1937 drought, nature Country Men (1937) viii, (1938) 22, (1943) 36, Man and His Field 60, Snake in the Strawberries 14.
204 Whatever Happened When I was young I discovered Great Lakes Review 1977 reading, conformity Snake in the Strawberries 82, The Good Earth 68.
205 Pray for Belief Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 faith, perspective Planting Red Geraniums 30.
206 Until The Storm Passes The wheel-rounded wind races Voyages to the Inland Sea, II 1972 winter, relationships Landmark and Other Poems 31.
207 Forecast I hang a chart for prophecy New York Times 1972 fortelling, mood
208 Potencies Earth, sun-plowed, rain-swept, trembles Commonweal 1966 farming, diligence Shaken by Leaf-Fall 27, Snake in the Strawberries 73.
209 Buried Seeds The buried seeds drink up the snow New York Herald Tribune 1964 nature, spring A Single Focus 43.
210 Witnesses The orchard basks in South Dakota Review 1982 fall, wilderness
211 The Warning Cry The warning cry of wild geese from cold and cloudy roads Country Men 1937 spring, renewal
212 The Red Flower The day sagged under heavy wind Limited View 1962 love, renewal Limited View 26.
213 Reflection in a Dimestore Window It’s not that men are never Poet Lore 1971 appearance, judgement
214 Spring Rites We celebrate the rites of spring New York Times 1971 planting, ritual Shaken by Leaf-Fall 49.
215 Deaf Ear You said you would come and Chicago Tribune Magazine 1970 happiness, promise
216 The Change The same plowed field and A Single Focus 1967 fall, hunting A Single Focus 59.
217 Reason to Get Up in the Morning All this chatter about Contact 1984 routine, morning
218 Instead of Honey Let's get to work, time may be short with us, Poetry Now 1976 labor, religion Snake in the Strawberries 4.
219 Off Limits He burned the grass Poetry Now 1979 fire, control
220 Point of View After a dark day low with clouds, Man and His Field 1951 sunset, perspective Man and His Field 43.
221 Order in the Grove The small grove has been let go, South Dakota Review 1971 order, animals
222 Wonder of Hummingbirds Glass cells of red syrup hang Shaken by Leaf-Fall 1976 birds, amazement Shaken by Leaf-Fall 68, Landmark and Other Poems 24 (variant).
223 Not Floods but Emptiness This morning I stepped outdoors Discourse: A Review of Liberal Arts 1969 language, nature
224 Neighborhood in the Suburbs Take our garbage cans, a man may be known Miscellany 1976 secrecy, community Proved by Trial 10.
225 Fear of Play for Keeps It's just for the program, A Country Man 1993 children, relationships A Country Man 27.