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Title First Line Original Publicationsort ascending Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
201 Each Spring When ducks print signs in the mud for the farmer to read, Music for Seven Poems 1958 spring, hope
202 Lost I hear a child crying Music for Seven Poems 1958 lost, fear
203 The Happy Farmer This farm where I live Music for Seven Poems 1958 farming, poverty
204 The Plowboy I’ll plow myself a pillow, Music for Seven Poems 1958 planting, death
205 The Supplicant I try, when I awake, on a bright Sunday morning Music for Seven Poems 1958 rest, Sunday
206 Truant Little rowdy yellow duck, darting from your mother, Music for Seven Poems 1958 birds, adventure
207 The Hunter You cannot kill the white-tailed deer Music for Seven Poems 1958 hunting, persistence A Single Focus 69, Snake in the Strawberries 43.
208 The Meeting This is the curb where Motive 1966 love, loss A Single Focus 60, Landmark and Other Poems 23.
209 A Chance Meeting A chance day opened a door Motive 1965 fall, conversation
210 Try, Try Again When I was young the girls were quick Monthly magazine for the Arts of Storytelling 1972 aging, sex
211 Banish Morning Fear When he woke at dawn, it was his habit to think Modern Maturity 1980 aging, mortality
212 Neighborhood in the Suburbs Take our garbage cans, a man may be known Miscellany 1976 secrecy, community Proved by Trial 10.
213 At Least on the Surface People who live in neighborhoods Miscellany 1976 neighbors, appearances Shaken by Leaf-Fall 65, Snake in the Strawberries 69.
214 A Green Voice Whatever cold tones Midwest Quarterly 1969 renewal, holiday Shaken by Leaf-Fall 54, Landmark and Other Poems 24.
215 In Doubt Perhaps the fields are doubtful too in spring Midwest Quarterly 1965 farming, winter A Single Focus 24, Landmark and Other Poems 35.
216 Tasters The summer sun made blood like sap Midwest Quarterly 1964 summer, desire A Single Focus 45, Snake in the Strawberries 39.
217 Leaves Like Tears You say the leaves fall Midwest Quarterly 1969 grief, winter
218 Textual Matters "Cross your legs," saith the preacher, Midwest Quarterly 1972 religion, judgement Shaken by Leaf-Fall 31.
219 Valley and Mountain The valley floor crawls with streets Michigan Quarterly 1969 mountains, transcendence Shaken by Leaf-Fall 13, Snake in the Strawberries 70.
220 Moment Like Love To see the shine, the glimmer of light, Meanjin Quarterly 1970 love, time
221 The Road It opened the way Mainstreeter 1977 time, change
222 Daydream Warmed to drowsiness by the Mainstreeter 1977 fall, memory
223 Mr. Norris and the Civet Cat We four boys liked to fish Maine Life 1981 compassion, animals
224 Dirge for an old Wound Any root worth its salt Lamp in the Spine 1972 nature, perseverance Shaken by Leaf-Fall 12, Snake in the Strawberries 68.
225 End of the Game Two little boys dusty with pollen Lake Superior Review 1977 childhood, play Snake in the Strawberries 96.