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Titlesort ascending First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
76 Truant Little rowdy yellow duck, darting from your mother, Music for Seven Poems 1958 birds, adventure
77 Trials of Ownership The title to the land's a piece of paper A Single Focus 1967 farming, owning A Single Focus 41.
78 Tornado The cornfield felt a need to write Etc. A Review of General Semantics 1966 weather, order
79 Too Many Defeats Dull the Spirit The worst was Poetry Now 1975 farming, weather Proved by Trial 12, Snake in the Strawberries 92.
80 Today is Now It doesn't need headlines, Focus 1984 aging, memory
81 To Shape Our Decisions The question is The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 choice, obligation
82 To Run or Sit Today, he said, the sky bends down The Back Door 1970 frustration, waiting
83 To Build a Fence We stretch a barbed wire from corner post Snake in the Strawberries 1979 fences, labor Snake in the Strawberries 6.
84 To An Old Sow Whoa there, you crazy sow, where do you think you're going? Limited View 1962 animals, identification North American Review (1974) 20. Limited View 29, Landmark and Other Poems 54.
85 To a Loquacious Friend Either you bleat like a moth-eaten Iowa State Liquor Store 1970 language, nature
86 Tired of Earth Wind bites dust from the furrows Discourse: A Review of Liberal Arts 1962 farming, death Limited View 14, Late Harvest 72.
87 Time's Laggard The house of summer closed its doors. The Saturday Evening Post 1960 winter, stubbornness
88 Time's Flail A scraggly corner, maimed by brush and weeds A Single Focus 1967 farming, tools A Single Focus 34.
89 Time to Go In You poke the fire in the fireplace, America 1983 night, meaning
90 Time to Cross Over A black man with his family Slackwater Review 1981 attitudes, race
91 Time to Act At last the revelation, a brisk wind peels Kansas City Magazine 1959 spring, anticipation
92 Time of Contrition Today I saw the gossip pack Denver Post 1959 gossip, regret
93 Time Like a Hand The hardware merchant reaches back for the past The Sun at Noon 1943 aging, alienation North American Review (1974) 35. The Sun at Noon 22, Snake in the Strawberries 21.
94 Three Sides to a Farm So now he wants to buy my farm, he's got A Single Focus 1967 farming, generations A Single Focus 29, Snake in the Strawberries 38.
95 Three Old Horses Returning to the gate at close of day Man and His Field 1951 wisdom, animals Man and His Field 24.
96 Threat of Weather We know we can outlast the weather Man and His Field 1951 love, weather Man and His Field 57, Snake in the Strawberries 25.
97 Threat of Violence Icicles dripped in the The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 animals, violence The Good Earth 65
98 Thought of Bluebells Along the banks Wascana Review 1971 flowers, love Snake in the Strawberries 53.
99 This Is the Way It Seems The first of the month the mail English Journal 1982 money, routine Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst Planting Red Geraniums 44.
100 This Is How They Do It "I own this farm," Henry Jensen A Country Man 1993 law, understanding A Country Man 24, The Good Earth 64.