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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republicationsort descending Hearst Collections
276 Discord After the accident Voyages to the Inland Sea, II 1972 sex, community Voyages to the Inland Sea, II
277 Homesickness Marie Summers took a course in Commercial The Sun at Noon 1943 cities, alienation The Sun at Noon 28, Snake in the Strawberries 19.
278 Calendar's Mischief A day of shock, America 1977 time, seasons Snake in the Strawberries 78.
279 No News is Good News Having read the same names in the paper Poetry Now 1976 community, significance
280 What Time Is It Anyway? You can't win 'em all, Focus 1984 work, alienation
281 The Debtor These leaden days when the sky is overcast Man and His Field 1951 farming, debt Man and His Field 61, Landmark and Other Poems 39.
282 A Way by Water In the basement this morning Colorado Quarterly 1978 water, animals
283 Small Thorns The odor from garbage my neighbor Wormwood Review 1979 neighbors, annoyance
284 Wilderness Ways The rabbit knows why the hawk is there Commonweal 1965 wilderness, animals A Single Focus 20, Snake in the Strawberries 42.
285 Advice to Farmers You trimmed the wilderness to size Sparrow Magazine 1961 farming, nature
286 Mind-Boggled His mind bent with the weight A Country Man 1993 religion, uncertainty A Country Man 39.
287 A Stray Neighbors, neighbors, help me find Limited View 1962 animals, loss Limited View 16.
288 The Gift for Love Underbrush, grasses, weeds, Eidolons 1972 wilderness, order
289 Weather Words The garden waited to be covered, Poetry Now 1980 gardening, winter
290 Cloud over the Sun It's a surprise to find you Chicago Tribune Magazine 1972 humility, friendship Shaken by Leaf-Fall 43.
291 Protest Now as imperceptibly Independent 1926 time, aging Country Men (1937) xxxviii, (1938) 61, (1943) 69, Man and His Field 71, Snake in the Strawberries 16.
292 On Guard The sun protects my back Tinderbox 1978 morning, fear
293 Where We Live We stole time to walk together A Country Man 1993 nature, relationships A Country Man 57.
294 The Orchard Man Grandfather came from a town meeting country, Man and His Field 1951 family, perseverance Man and His Field 25.
295 To a Loquacious Friend Either you bleat like a moth-eaten Iowa State Liquor Store 1970 language, nature
296 Survival [1] Lightning hit the poplar tree Poetry Scope 1981 trees, perseverance
297 The Blame It is difficult to explain Kansas Quarterly 1970 affair, regret Shaken by Leaf-Fall 62, Snake in the Strawberries 71.
298 Cold Snap The winter night in your face Kansas City Magazine 1965 winter, music A Single Focus 56.
299 Shake in Vain Shake in vain the orchard trees Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 trees, longing Planting Red Geraniums 17
300 Construction The hammer voices went on an on Man and His Field 1951 labor, winter Man and His Field 62.