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Title First Line Original Publicationsort ascending Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
151 A Balance Sheet From my father's family I inherit Poet and Critic 1982 family, habit
152 Weeds of Anger A man who plowed America's future Poem 1969 farming, defiance Shaken by Leaf-Fall 47.
153 Names for an Obstacle This iceberg of granite Poem 1969 rootedness, perseverance
154 Once Glimpsed Once I thought I saw it Poem 1969 longing, uncertainty Shaken by Leaf-Fall 44.
155 Listen Clock in the bell tower Periphery 1974 poetry, meaning
156 Dirty Old Man's Poem A dirty old man’s poem Periodical of Art in Nebraska 1976 desire, sex
157 Plea for Persistence Wait and begin again, Periodical of Art in Nebraska 1975 persistence, knowledge
158 Still Heard but Faintly What chime struck from the iron air Periodical of Art in Nebraska 1976 winter, faith
159 The Maid who Served an Ogre She washed the dishes, cleaned the sink, Periodical of Art in Nebraska 1976 desire, danger
160 For God's Sake Why don't you clean up your place, Penny Poems From Midwestern University 1965 garden, decay Proved by Trial 19, Landmark and Other Poems 21.
161 The Tide Today is our anniversary Pendragon 1984 aging, marriage
162 Comfort in an Old Tune The fields echo an old tune Pebble: A Magazine of Poetry 1971 nature, peacefulness Shaken by Leaf-Fall 71, Landmark and Other Poems 27.
163 Out of Season Half of the elms along the street looked dead, Pebble: A Magazine of Poetry 1971 decay, wistfulness Snake in the Strawberries 53.
164 Around the Bend Around the bend the water stills, Outdoor America 1926 fishing, perseverance
165 Reprieve I too have gone Onward 1964 misfortune, love
166 Stepchild of Nature Open morning's door and listen NRTA Journal 1980 nature, alienation
167 Penance for Anger Many times you have fed me, my dear, Northwest Review 1967 argument, forgiveness
168 Each Day Alive The desk calendar Northeast 1977 nature, time
169 A Small Matter The farmer knows he's no match Northeast 1981 weather, satisfaction
170 Love is Not Earned A display of my skills Northeast 1981 love, skill
171 Celebration of Losers This morning the roadway lacks friends, North Country 1977 regret, failure
172 There Must Be Somewhere to Go Wait for me, wait for me, North Country 1977 uncertainty, leaving
173 The Trimmed Bush Grouch, she said, you are North American Review 1984 appearances, relationships A Country Man 58.
174 What Matters It rose high enough North American Review 1984 order, farming A Country Man 31.
175 Shove It, Brother, Shove It From bedroom to bathroom to North American Review 1979 optimism, disability