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Title First Line Original Publicationsort descending Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
151 Metamorphosis I starved for the honey you Wormwood Review 1966 nature, insects A Single Focus 17.
152 Con Man The gifts I buy and offer you, my dear, Wormwood Review 1972 love, expectations
153 Subscription to Salvation What do you know, Wormwood Review 1981 religion, solicitation
154 Small Thorns The odor from garbage my neighbor Wormwood Review 1979 neighbors, annoyance
155 Out of Bounds Black asphalt abides between unbroken curbs of cement, Wormwood Review 1966 cities, gardening
156 The Test This guy walking down the street Wormwood Review 1968 alienation, self-pity Proved by Trial 20.
157 Do People Care for People? Appetites in the barnyard bawled Wormwood Review 1979 compassion, civilization
158 The Visit The little world of the garden bare, Wormwood Review 1962 birds, winter Snake in the Strawberries 33. Limited View 41.
159 The Wasted Corner She was a higglety, pigglety hen Wormwood Review 1963 farming, animals A Single Focus 27, Landmark and Other Poems 14.
160 Let It Shine The guy who hides his light Wormwood Review 1982 confidence, religion
161 Plea for Single Focus You saw double today when you said you saw the wind Colorado Quarterly 1965 nature, farming Interpreting Literature. 4th ed. K.L. Knickerbocker and H.W. Reninger, eds. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. 1969. 364, North American Review (1974) 21. A Single Focus 53, Snake in the Strawberries 40.
162 Born Each Morning What a shocking way to enter the world, Colorado Quarterly 1977 morning, birth Snake in the Strawberries 89.
163 A Hawk Is Not a Rabbit He got the message! Colorado Quarterly 1978 independence, aging
164 Shortcut A shortcut, so we said, a different road, Colorado Quarterly 1965 countryside, lost Shaken by Leaf-Fall 35.
165 A Way by Water In the basement this morning Colorado Quarterly 1978 water, animals
166 At Least Once a Problem Solved Sometimes I feel like a shadow Colorado Quarterly 1978 birth, accomplishment
167 Learning Sometimes you must break in Colorado Quarterly 1978 neighbors, farming
168 Relief from Pressure The forecast said rain, Colorado Quarterly 1978 weather, work
169 They Never Came Our town prepared for invasion Colorado Quarterly 1978 paranoia, community
170 The Storm A storm struck down the old willow Colorado Quarterly 1965 weather, imagination A Single Focus 62, Landmark and Other Poems 31.
171 Games Are Never Free The city park still draws children Iowa Arts Council Newsletter 1968 children, memory Iowa State Arts Council Biennium Report, 1968-1970, 3. Snake in the Strawberries 46.
172 The Promise Seems True Snow wastes away, icicles rot, Antigonish Review 1971 farming, ownership New River Review 2 (1977) 60.
173 The Questioner When evening bows its head so does the farmer, Compass Review 1958 farming, significance North American Review (1974) 24. Limited View 10, Landmark and Other Poems 39.
174 Change in Appetites We had a hired man whose remarks South Dakota Review 1978 sex, animals
175 What Shall We Do? It is really a small matter, South Dakota Review 1966 nonconformist, nature North American Review (1974) 25. A Single Focus 36, Landmark and Other Poems 17.