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Title First Line Original Publication Datesort descending Themes Republication Hearst Collections
201 Wilderness Ways The rabbit knows why the hawk is there Commonweal 1965 wilderness, animals A Single Focus 20, Snake in the Strawberries 42.
202 Cold Snap The winter night in your face Kansas City Magazine 1965 winter, music A Single Focus 56.
203 Apple Harvest The wind knocks on my door Bitterroot 1965 fall, mortality North American Review (1974) 35. A Single Focus 68, Snake in the Strawberries 37.
204 Undertow The bay of morning shines through Seven 1965 writing, distraction A Single Focus 58, Snake in the Strawberries 43.
205 Hen Pheasant Dusk fills the grove and seeps Poetry 1965 farming, birds A Single Focus 23.
206 Behind the Stove It takes more than wind and sleet to Poetry 1965 affair, desire A Single Focus 48, Landmark and Other Poems 11.
207 Forsythia You said, take a few dry Poetry 1965 flowers, surprise North American Review (1974) 31, The Iowan (Spring 1979) 20. A Single Focus 13, Snake in the Strawberries 36, The Good Earth 61.
208 In Doubt Perhaps the fields are doubtful too in spring Midwest Quarterly 1965 farming, winter A Single Focus 24, Landmark and Other Poems 35.
209 Marred This headache of a morning Sparrow Magazine 1965 morning, birds North American Review (1974) 31. A Single Focus 38, Landmark and Other Poems 19.
210 Home Place This is the way it was: The Congregationalist 1965 snowstorm, winter Harper's Bazaar (Jan. 1969) 96. A Single Focus 39.
211 A Chance Meeting A chance day opened a door Motive 1965 fall, conversation
212 Shortcut A shortcut, so we said, a different road, Colorado Quarterly 1965 countryside, lost Shaken by Leaf-Fall 35.
213 Karma Still, cries of hunting shake the grove DePaul Literary Magazine 1965 hunting, wilderness A Single Focus 26, Snake in the Strawberries 45.
214 The Quarrel The front steps seemed not American Press 1965 argument, silence A Single Focus 40, Snake in the Strawberries 39.
215 Tornado The cornfield felt a need to write Etc. A Review of General Semantics 1966 weather, order
216 Metamorphosis I starved for the honey you Wormwood Review 1966 nature, insects A Single Focus 17.
217 Elegy Listen, my friend, shuttered in Today 1966 spring, isolation Annals of Iowa 42 (Spring 1974) 294, Late Harvest 76. A Single Focus 66, Snake in the Strawberries 37.
218 Conservative The wilderness sleeps in seed and furrow Today 1966 farming, wilderness A Single Focus 67, Landmark and Other Poems 49.
219 What Shall We Do? It is really a small matter, South Dakota Review 1966 nonconformist, nature North American Review (1974) 25. A Single Focus 36, Landmark and Other Poems 17.
220 Out of Bounds Black asphalt abides between unbroken curbs of cement, Wormwood Review 1966 cities, gardening
221 Winter Mood Warm in mackinaw and boots I read America 1966 winter, poetry Shaken by Leaf-Fall 21, Snake in the Strawberries 76., Shaken by Leaf-Fall 21, Snake in the Strawberries 76.
222 Day's Routine A day of simple duties Today 1966 work, marriage Landmark and Other Poems 22.
223 Potencies Earth, sun-plowed, rain-swept, trembles Commonweal 1966 farming, diligence Shaken by Leaf-Fall 27, Snake in the Strawberries 73.
224 The Meeting This is the curb where Motive 1966 love, loss A Single Focus 60, Landmark and Other Poems 23.
225 Line Between Seasons The rollicking whinny of the wind Quartet 1966 nature, winter A Single Focus 25, Snake in the Strawberries 41.