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Title First Linesort descending Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
151 Goodbye, Mrs. O'Flynn I am not carrying on with Mrs. O'Flynn A Country Man 1993 gossip, sex A Country Man 55.
152 Bitter Taste I ate the sour grapes and tried Kansas Quarterly 1971 anger, nature
153 The Balance I bathed in the tender welter New Frontiers 1964 seasons, nature A Single Focus 46.
154 The Professor Enrolls I decided to major in leisure National Retired Teachers Association Journal 1978 relaxation, education
155 Important Question I didn't come here Voyages to the Inland Sea, II 1972 thoughts, neighbors Landmark and Other Poems 19.
156 Facts I do not read portents, Chowder Review 1976 superstition, work Proved by Trial 9, Snake in the Strawberries 88.
157 Birth Pains I do not remember birth pains The New Renaissance 1978 morning, birth
158 Winter Morning I enter a winter morning Contact 1981 isolation, winter
159 Strange Things Happen I found a ball in the yard Yankee Magazine 1984 memory, games North American Review 299.2 (Spring 2014) 27.
160 Forecast I hang a chart for prophecy New York Times 1972 fortelling, mood
161 Moving Day I have moved from one house A Country Man 1993 moving, change A Country Man 38.
162 The Shadow I have seen the butcher's shadow Chicago Jewish Forum 1959 animals, slaughter Limited View 4, Snake in the Strawberries 29.
163 Lost I hear a child crying Music for Seven Poems 1958 lost, fear
164 Fact I knew a man once who gave up the ghost Man and His Field 1951 life, suicide Man and His Field 39, Landmark and Other Poems 44.
165 The Captain Ashore I know a man whose twisted wife New York Herald Tribune 1964 greed, respect
166 A Home of Her Own I left the evening chores and went to the door and spoke Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 death, neighbors Planting Red Geraniums 15
167 There Are Those Who Say This I lit the bonfire, Chariton Review 1983 fire, destruction
168 Routine Keeps Me I make water in the morning KPFA Folio 1970 respect, responsibility Snake in the Strawberries 51.
169 Caveat Emptor I meant to take a quiet walk Inserat Groteski 1971 ownership, wilderness
170 The Reason For Stars I never wonder a lot about stars Midland 1926 diligence, farming North American Review (1974) 38. Country Men (1937) xxix, (1938) 51, (1943) 58, Man and His Field 46, Snake in the Strawberries 14, Landmark and Other Poems 26.
171 Need for a Quick Step I noticed the cow in heat The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 animals, danger
172 Morning Song I often think of night as a wave lifting me into the morning Poetry 1940 morning, love Man and His Field 54, Landmark and Other Poems 25.
173 Comfort in Small Things I saw them, a glanceful, The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 birds, pleasure
174 I Set My Chair I set my chair on the driveway Proved by Trial 1977 meditation, interruptions Proved by Trial 25, Snake in the Strawberries 88.
175 Love's Apostate I shoulder my bag, slink through New York Herald Tribune 1964 forgiveness, resentment A Single Focus 54.