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Wormwood Review

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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
1 Con Man The gifts I buy and offer you, my dear, Wormwood Review 1972 love, expectations
2 Do People Care for People? Appetites in the barnyard bawled Wormwood Review 1979 compassion, civilization
3 A Field You Cannot Own You thought there was a For Sale sign Wormwood Review 1972 love, rejection
4 Let It Shine The guy who hides his light Wormwood Review 1982 confidence, religion
5 Metamorphosis I starved for the honey you Wormwood Review 1966 nature, insects A Single Focus 17.
6 Out of Bounds Black asphalt abides between unbroken curbs of cement, Wormwood Review 1966 cities, gardening
7 Small Thorns The odor from garbage my neighbor Wormwood Review 1979 neighbors, annoyance
8 Subscription to Salvation What do you know, Wormwood Review 1981 religion, solicitation
9 The Tarnish The afternoon failed of its promise and the sun Wormwood Review 1962 weather, decay Heartland: Poets of the Midwest. 78. Limited View 19, Landmark and Other Poems 26.
10 The Test This guy walking down the street Wormwood Review 1968 alienation, self-pity Proved by Trial 20.
11 The Visit The little world of the garden bare, Wormwood Review 1962 birds, winter Snake in the Strawberries 33. Limited View 41.
12 The Wasted Corner She was a higglety, pigglety hen Wormwood Review 1963 farming, animals A Single Focus 27, Landmark and Other Poems 14.