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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
1 Away with Boards The last storm shook Kansas Quarterly 1984 cities, destruction
2 Bitter Taste I ate the sour grapes and tried Kansas Quarterly 1971 anger, nature
3 The Blame It is difficult to explain Kansas Quarterly 1970 affair, regret Shaken by Leaf-Fall 62, Snake in the Strawberries 71.
4 Hang On to the Grab Bar Caught in the revolving door Kansas Quarterly 1979 longing, civilization
5 No Advice Today, Thank You Why, the presumptuous bastard Kansas Quarterly 1982 religion, relationships
6 Poverty The field of clover sowed last fall Kansas Quarterly 1971 weather, farming
7 The Problem Comes With the new schedule Kansas Quarterly 1971 retirement, aging
8 Stunted Root A season without rain, he saw the stalks Kansas Quarterly 1971 sex, drought Shaken by Leaf-Fall 63.
9 The Wall A door builds a strange wall Kansas Quarterly 1976 perspective, home Proved by Trial 16.