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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republicationsort descending Hearst Collections
276 Intruder The morning flowered in A Single Focus 1967 morning, sadness A Single Focus 65, Landmark and Other Poems 25.
277 Surprise [2] Some friends of ours decided to Christian Science Monitor 1977 farming, unexpected
278 Arrogance of Things The growth of the cornfield today Snake in the Strawberries 1979 death, materiality Snake in the Strawberries 8.
279 The Weed Cutter Earth soaked by a thunderstorm Poet and Critic 1982 adolescence, farming
280 Moment Toward Spring This is the day when on the hills of noon Ladies Home Journal 1959 spring, transition Limited View 13, Snake in the Strawberries 29.
281 End of the Game Two little boys dusty with pollen Lake Superior Review 1977 childhood, play Snake in the Strawberries 96.
282 Order in the Grove The small grove has been let go, South Dakota Review 1971 order, animals
283 Queer People Queer people eat soup Erebus Rising 1971 compassion, nonconformity Shaken by Leaf-Fall 41, Landmark and Other Poems 16.
284 Bluejay Into the calm of morning as stone breaks Poetry Now 1976 birds, hunting Proved by Trial 15.
285 Not Floods but Emptiness This morning I stepped outdoors Discourse: A Review of Liberal Arts 1969 language, nature
286 The Other Land The strength and persuasion of the long slow turning The Sun at Noon 1943 seasons, divinity The Sun at Noon 22.
287 Hope Goes Whoosh! We just could not believe our luck. Focus 1984 neighbors, disappointment
288 No Nightingales, No Nymphs The imperatives of spring Poetry 1979 spring, work
289 Birth Pains I do not remember birth pains The New Renaissance 1978 morning, birth
290 Frustration Thoughts run like mice Virginia Quarterly Review 1970 memory, animals Shaken by Leaf-Fall 17, Snake in the Strawberries 66.
291 Beauty I stayed in the field though the rain was beginning to fall Independent 1927 rain, drought see variant note
292 Wren in the Vervain Sprung from the sacred verbena family A Single Focus 1967 nature, birds A Single Focus 14, Landmark and Other Poems 47.
293 The Comfort of a Friend We have wandered as we wished A Country Man 1993 aging, friendship A Country Man 47.
294 All Anyone Could Say The children that we love are busy people Man and His Field 1951 children, exploration Man and His Field 58.
295 An In-Between Time He hasn't quite left her, Poetry Now 1980 divorce, change
296 Book of the Mind Chilled and seared by the weather Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 introspection, thoughts Planting Red Geraniums 22
297 Out of Bounds Black asphalt abides between unbroken curbs of cement, Wormwood Review 1966 cities, gardening
298 Waiting Waiting is not patience Dry Leaves 1975 frustration, fishing Dry Leaves.
299 Daydream Warmed to drowsiness by the Mainstreeter 1977 fall, memory
300 A Place to Sit Come in, come in, Neighbor, please come in New Frontiers 1965 hardship, resentment A Single Focus 31, Landmark and Other Poems 12.