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Title First Linesort descending Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
251 University Morning light throws a wreath Virginia Quarterly Review 1975 university, summer Shaken by Leaf-Fall 26, Snake in the Strawberries 70.
252 Clover Swaths My eyes are cloudy with death. Poetry 1932 youth, death College Eye, Iowa State Teachers College 12 July (1935) 2, Contemporary Iowa Poets Muscatine: The Prairie Press (1935) 2, Heartland: Poets of the Midwest 79, Late Harvest 71. Country Men (1937) xvi, (1938) 37, (1943) 44, Man and His Field 70, Snake in the Strawberries 15.
253 It Could Be Worse, Maybe My god, such a night! Slow Loris Reader 1978 insomnia, morning Landmark and Other Poems 9.
254 No Argument My gosh, she said, you two A Country Man 1993 satisfaction, pride A Country Man 43.
255 Claim of Two Countries My native land finds its map New Frontiers 1964 nature, farming A Single Focus 52, Landmark and Other Poems 18.
256 Belief My neighbor and I have stood in the sun Midland 1927 friendship, life Literary Digest 12 Nov. (1927) 34, Des Moines Sunday Register 13 Jan. (1929) 8g, College Eye Iowa State Teachers College 12 July (1935) 2. Country Men (1937) ii, (1938) 18, (1943) 28, Man and His Field 27.
257 Good Friday My neighbor plants potatoes on Good Friday The Sun at Noon 1943 superstition, tradition The Sun at Noon 11, Landmark and Other Poems 50.
258 Of Course It Matters My neighbor stopped by this morning The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 misfortune, money
259 Sooner or Later My roots search for water Yankee Magazine 1980 trouble, nature
260 Walls My terrace wall dropped Yankee Magazine 1982 ownership, division
261 Flowers Would Be Better My wife calls me to see her garden. A Country Man 1993 gardening, gender North American Review 299.2 (Spring 2014) 28. A Country Man 34.
262 There Are Still Some Mysteries My young neighbor attended an Poetry Now 1980
263 Father Nailheads broke off with the sound Wascana Review 1976 family, kindness Snake in the Strawberries 74.
264 Words that Smell Bad Neighbor, your "friendly" note arrived New River Review 1977 neighbors, argument Snake in the Strawberries 86.
265 A Stray Neighbors, neighbors, help me find Limited View 1962 animals, loss Limited View 16.
266 Retirement Blues Neither anger nor reproach will Poetry View 1979 aging, life
267 What Was That? Never was so much hubbub in the morning, Man and His Field 1951 work, farming Man and His Field 41.
268 The Sun at Noon No country leads so softly to nowhere Poetry 1940 mortality, appreciation The Sun at Noon 9, Man and His Field 20.
269 No Leaves? No Apples? No fruit bends the orchard trees Man and His Field 1951 fall, perseverance Man and His Field 59.
270 After the People Go No one lives here any more, they all have moved away Country Men 1937 drought, nature Country Men (1937) vii, (1938) 24, (1943) 34, Man and His Field 69.
271 Landscape—Iowa No one who lives here Shaken by Leaf-Fall 1976 land, people Shaken by Leaf-Fall 45, Snake in the Strawberries 67, The Good Earth 63.
272 Resort to Calm No protest, just the door's soft sigh, Prairie Schooner 1970 relaxation, neighbors Snake in the Strawberries 50.
273 One Way For An Answer No way, just no way, Proved by Trial 1977 mountains, revelation Proved by Trial 21, Landmark and Other Poems 28.
274 A Disowner Not my world today Event: Journal of Contemporary Art 1978 integrity, alienation Snake in the Strawberries 99.
275 Protest Now as imperceptibly Independent 1926 time, aging Country Men (1937) xxxviii, (1938) 61, (1943) 69, Man and His Field 71, Snake in the Strawberries 16.