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Titlesort ascending First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
151 The Promise Seems True Snow wastes away, icicles rot, Antigonish Review 1971 farming, ownership New River Review 2 (1977) 60.
152 The Professor Enrolls I decided to major in leisure National Retired Teachers Association Journal 1978 relaxation, education
153 The Problem Comes With the new schedule Kansas Quarterly 1971 retirement, aging
154 The Problem The problem is to see the problem Prairie Schooner 1974 perceptions, appearance Landmark and Other Poems 18.
155 The Plowboy I’ll plow myself a pillow, Music for Seven Poems 1958 planting, death
156 The Painter Our local painter always seemed afraid Wanderer 1924 death, prudence
157 The Other Land The strength and persuasion of the long slow turning The Sun at Noon 1943 seasons, divinity The Sun at Noon 22.
158 The Orchard Man Grandfather came from a town meeting country, Man and His Field 1951 family, perseverance Man and His Field 25.
159 The Oracle The oracle whose customer I am Poetry 1951 uncertainty, foretelling Snake in the Strawberries 23.
160 The Oldest Season The eye's doors blown open America 1968 winter, defamiliarization Shaken by Leaf-Fall 19.
161 The Old Dog The old dog waits patiently for death The Sun at Noon 1943 death North American Review (1974) 23. The Sun at Noon 17, Landmark and Other Poems 47.
162 The Old Admonitions The friend that I had Prairie Schooner 1958 loneliness, loss Limited View 2, Snake in the Strawberries 30, The Good Earth 57.
163 The New Calf In the basement by the furnace lies A Single Focus 1967 animals, innocence North American Review (1974) 29. A Single Focus 70, Snake in the Strawberries 44.
164 The Neighborhood The neighborhood has a mind and heart of its own The Sun at Noon 1943 secrecy, community The Sun at Noon 24, Snake in the Strawberries 20.
165 The Movers The east wind whips the skirts of the snow American Prefaces 1937 travelers, faith Rural Roads to Security. (1940) 94-5, Out of the Midwest. (1944) 400, America is West. Ed. John T. Flanagan. Minneapolis: Univ. of Minnesota (1945) 307, Poetry Pilot (Jan. 1962) 9. Country Men (1937) vi, (1938) 26, (1943) 32, Man and His Field 21, Landmark and Other Poems 45, The Good Earth 52.
166 The Morning Paper The morning paper told Catalyst 1971 war, death
167 The Molehill The molehill became a mountain Journal of Arts and Letters 1967 argument, marriage
168 The Meeting This is the curb where Motive 1966 love, loss A Single Focus 60, Landmark and Other Poems 23.
169 The Malicious Spirit of Machines Right in our own house, The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 machines, breakdown
170 The Maid who Served an Ogre She washed the dishes, cleaned the sink, Periodical of Art in Nebraska 1976 desire, danger
171 The Land Owner She moved into the threadbare house Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 death, gardening Planting Red Geraniums 16
172 The Isle of the Setting Sun Sailorman, Sailorman, by the dark water, Heacock's 1924 beauty, longing
173 The Insatiable Demand He chopped his work The New Renaissance 1979 busyness, overwhelmed
174 The Inevitable Words like Signposts The morning's paper carried a story Ohio Review 1978 death, friendship The Iowan (Spring 1979) 22, Ohio Review 30 (1983) 252. Snake in the Strawberries 100.
175 The Hurt of Pleasure Once a week she comes to share A Country Man 1986 gardening, friendship A Country Man 42.