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Titlesort descending First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
151 Each Spring When ducks print signs in the mud for the farmer to read, Music for Seven Poems 1958 spring, hope
152 Each to Its Own Purpose They said, don't use words Yankee Magazine 1975 poetry, language Proved by Trial 13, Snake in the Strawberries 94.
153 Echoes of Memory A birthday card from you today A Country Man 1993 love, longing A Country Man 23.
154 Eighty Birthdays This cake, a snow-topped hill, Yankee Magazine 1977 aging, longing Snake in the Strawberries 84.
155 Elegy Listen, my friend, shuttered in Today 1966 spring, isolation Annals of Iowa 42 (Spring 1974) 294, Late Harvest 76. A Single Focus 66, Snake in the Strawberries 37.
156 Emeritus He cleans out the file and crams National Retired Teachers Association Journal 1977 retirement, time
157 Emerson's Page His Neighbors scratched Educational Leadership 1959 nature, wisdom Limited View 28, Shaken by Leaf-fall 50, Landmark and Other Poems 29.
158 End of a Landmark Power from a copper wire The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 destruction, disappointment
159 End of April A grey sky roofs the morning Yankee Magazine 1968 weather, color Snake in the Strawberries 47.
160 End of the Game Two little boys dusty with pollen Lake Superior Review 1977 childhood, play Snake in the Strawberries 96.
161 Enjoy Your Release You better grow the Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 death, happiness Planting Red Geraniums 26
162 Escape Artist Well, well, so this is the way Great Lakes Review 1977 argument, performance
163 Espaliered on a Wailing Wall Farmland lacks immunity to the Wascana Review 1980 nature, cities
164 Evening Be quiet, Heart, the sun goes down Country Men 1938 sunset, peacefulness Country Men (1938) 62, (1943) 70, Man and His Field 71.
165 Evergreen Transformations ‘‘Who knocks on my door?’’ asks History The Alumnus 1976 education, truth
166 Every Teacher Has One This morning I cleaned out English Journal 1971 memory, secrecy
167 Expression of a Homeplace If I close one eye A Country Man 1993 perceptions, birds A Country Man 35.
168 Fact I knew a man once who gave up the ghost Man and His Field 1951 life, suicide Man and His Field 39, Landmark and Other Poems 44.
169 Facts I do not read portents, Chowder Review 1976 superstition, work Proved by Trial 9, Snake in the Strawberries 88.
170 Fall Plowing The claim the stubble had no longer defends Poetry 1934 fall, death College Eye, Iowa State Teachers College 12 July (1935) 2 col. 3, Contemporary Iowa Poets Muscatine: The Prairie Press (1935) 27, Late Harvest 73. Country Men (1937) xiv, (1938) 36, (1943) 43, Man and His Field 30, Snake in the Strawberries 13.
171 Fallen Sign There comes a time when Anglo-American Studies 1983 farming, aging A Country Man 18.
172 False Warning The meadow has lost its features and the grove Poetry 1940 wilderness, winter A Single Focus 21.
173 Farm on a Summer Night From a clear sky at night the starlight Country Men 1937 faith, religion Country Men (1937) v, (1938) 21, (1943) 31.
174 Farmer to His Son
175 Farmhand A mule with fork and shovel breeds no honey Prairie Schooner 1960 work, resentment Heartland: Poets of the Midwest 77. Limited View 5.