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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republicationsort descending Hearst Collections
1 The Flower The afternoon bent over Shaken by Leaf-Fall 1976 love, flowers Shaken by Leaf-Fall 15.
2 Father Nailheads broke off with the sound Wascana Review 1976 family, kindness Snake in the Strawberries 74.
3 Spring Barnyard Pigeons circle the wet glossy mud The Sun at Noon 1943 animals, materiality The Sun at Noon 37.
4 Spring Lament The season has sounded its call to the farm's sleepy ears, Limited View 1962 spring, loneliness Landmark and Other Poems 53.
5 Goodbye, Mrs. O'Flynn I am not carrying on with Mrs. O'Flynn A Country Man 1993 gossip, sex A Country Man 55.
6 Pray for Belief Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 faith, perspective Planting Red Geraniums 30.
7 Undone by Frost While once again you must accept English Journal 1971 flowers, time
8 Stepchild of Nature Open morning's door and listen NRTA Journal 1980 nature, alienation
9 Utopia When early dark and chilly rains Hawk and Whippoorwill 1963 farming, animals
10 Common Ground Two neighbors lived across a road Kansas City Magazine 1965 neighbors, farming A Single Focus 28.
11 Late Meadowlark We know the meaning when we read the signs The Saturday Evening Post 1960 birds, fall Limited View 11, Snake in the Strawberries 34.
12 This Is How They Do It "I own this farm," Henry Jensen A Country Man 1993 law, understanding A Country Man 24, The Good Earth 64.
13 Come Back, Come Back You emptied the house Windless Orchard II 1972 loss, loneliness
14 Spring Rain An early frost last fall Ladies Home Journal 1968 fall, persistence Shaken by Leaf-Fall 40, Landmark and Other Poems 55.
15 The Short Run and the Long Pull Our fields lay side by side, Nebraska Review 1981 farming, fertilizer
16 Spring West of Town A man who lives inside my head Kernels 1939 busyness, waiting
17 Seeding The morning sun looks in on me Midland 1932 farming, planting Country Men (1937) xxii, (1938) 44 (1943) 51, Man and His Field 45.
18 Wren Logic The stump braces its roots America 1969 birds, persistence Shaken by Leaf-Fall 58, Snake in the Strawberries 74.
19 No Advice Today, Thank You Why, the presumptuous bastard Kansas Quarterly 1982 religion, relationships
20 The Professor Enrolls I decided to major in leisure National Retired Teachers Association Journal 1978 relaxation, education
21 Not Born Again This land partly from me, Yankee Magazine 1977 nature, mortality Snake in the Strawberries 85.
22 To Shape Our Decisions The question is The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 choice, obligation
23 Threat of Weather We know we can outlast the weather Man and His Field 1951 love, weather Man and His Field 57, Snake in the Strawberries 25.
24 Grandfather and the Evangelist A tent with a platform and with folding chairs, Snake in the Strawberries 1979 religion, experience Snake in the Strawberries 6.
25 Outlived by Time The empty hearse skimmed away Dry Leaves 1975 death, funeral Dry Leaves, Snake in the Strawberries 62.