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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republicationsort descending Hearst Collections
1 Born Again He woke up when she died, Poetry Now 1976 loss, death
2 Analogy It's like digging all day at a buried stone Man and His Field 1951 poetry, introspection Man and His Field 60.
3 A Hawk Is Not a Rabbit He got the message! Colorado Quarterly 1978 independence, aging
4 The Groundhog Scooped from his winter nest Dry Leaves 1975 faith, animals Dry Leaves.
5 One Is Never Sure The decision faced me with questions A Country Man 1993 misinterpretation, argument A Country Man 33.
6 The Search Here on the hillside is a square of ground Wallace's Farmer 1940 farming, neighbors A Single Focus 37, Landmark and Other Poems 46.
7 A Few Good Licks So you said I would be the The Davidson Miscellany 1981 marriage, aging
8 Now I Have Taken to the Fields Now I have taken to the fields Country Men 1937 hope, land Country Men (1937) xix, (1938) 40, (1943) 47, Man and His Field 54, Landmark and Other Poems 22.
9 Penalty for Anger The walls of heart shook Southwest Review 1978 argument, silence
10 Routine Keeps Me I make water in the morning KPFA Folio 1970 respect, responsibility Snake in the Strawberries 51.
11 The Reminder When the day finally ended I felt wet and cold Educational Leadership 1959 love, farming
12 Grandfather's Farm The worn scythe hangs in the box-elder tree, The Saturday Evening Post 1959 work, family Limited View 33, Landmark and Other Poems 7.
13 A Wise Man is No Fool Back in the days of kiss-and-tell, A Country Man 1993 love, pun A Country Man 17.
14 We Ought to Burst into Bloom This morning my wife bought me America 1981 spring, appreciation
15 Virtue of Logic He believed in the generation The New Renaissance 1978 reason, argument
16 Calendar's Mischief A day of shock, America 1977 time, seasons Snake in the Strawberries 78.
17 Caveat Emptor I meant to take a quiet walk Inserat Groteski 1971 ownership, wilderness
18 The Debtor These leaden days when the sky is overcast Man and His Field 1951 farming, debt Man and His Field 61, Landmark and Other Poems 39.
19 The Hunter You cannot kill the white-tailed deer Music for Seven Poems 1958 hunting, persistence A Single Focus 69, Snake in the Strawberries 43.
20 Shelter under Glass The seventh grade came to visit New Letters 1982 children, appreciation
21 Need For Magic After a lonely night and an empty day Snake in the Strawberries 1979 loss, longing Snake in the Strawberries 11.
22 It Never Went Away In daytime the cellar seemed safe, New River Review 1977 night, fear Snake in the Strawberries 91.
23 A Home of Her Own I left the evening chores and went to the door and spoke Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 death, neighbors Planting Red Geraniums 15
24 Leaves Like Tears You say the leaves fall Midwest Quarterly 1969 grief, winter
25 A Stray Neighbors, neighbors, help me find Limited View 1962 animals, loss Limited View 16.