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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republicationsort descending Hearst Collections
1 Bereaved Granted, a meeting with her, The American Scholar 1978 death, grief Snake in the Strawberries 98.
2 Mad Dog Like a great yellow dog, the sun Country Men 1937 drought, nature Country Men (1937) viii, (1938) 22, (1943) 36, Man and His Field 60, Snake in the Strawberries 14.
3 The Sage and the Stones His Neighbors farmed
4 Emerson's Page His Neighbors scratched Educational Leadership 1959 nature, wisdom Limited View 28, Shaken by Leaf-fall 50, Landmark and Other Poems 29.
5 Plea for Persistence Wait and begin again, Periodical of Art in Nebraska 1975 persistence, knowledge
6 Vacations What do people do for vacations Aspen Times 1970 cities, travel
7 Buried Seeds The buried seeds drink up the snow New York Herald Tribune 1964 nature, spring A Single Focus 43.
8 Outsider The field stretches from morning America 1979 plowing, nature
9 The Warning Cry The warning cry of wild geese from cold and cloudy roads Country Men 1937 spring, renewal
10 Point of View After a dark day low with clouds, Man and His Field 1951 sunset, perspective Man and His Field 43.
11 Wonder of Hummingbirds Glass cells of red syrup hang Shaken by Leaf-Fall 1976 birds, amazement Shaken by Leaf-Fall 68, Landmark and Other Poems 24 (variant).
12 We All Bear the Mark The mark of Cain is hard to spot Rendezvous 1967 sin, judgement
13 Fear of Play for Keeps It's just for the program, A Country Man 1993 children, relationships A Country Man 27.
14 A Way to Measure How stupid to try to measure Cottonwood Review 1968 time, memory
15 The Change The same plowed field and A Single Focus 1967 fall, hunting A Single Focus 59.
16 Something is Given Something is given Stone Country 1980 poetry, farming
17 Instead of Honey Let's get to work, time may be short with us, Poetry Now 1976 labor, religion Snake in the Strawberries 4.
18 Evening Be quiet, Heart, the sun goes down Country Men 1938 sunset, peacefulness Country Men (1938) 62, (1943) 70, Man and His Field 71.
19 Evergreen Transformations ‘‘Who knocks on my door?’’ asks History The Alumnus 1976 education, truth
20 Take the Best Offer Don't ask me which job to take, A Country Man 1993 work, choice A Country Man 36.
21 Sad, the Way It Is Stay, stay, pussy willow pussies, Green Magazine 1975 time, impermanence
22 Facts I do not read portents, Chowder Review 1976 superstition, work Proved by Trial 9, Snake in the Strawberries 88.
23 Nag, Nag, Nag All Day The buzzing sound in my ears Event: Journal of Contemporary Art 1981 interruptions, work
24 The Vine His wife and young son in his heart, the future riding his shoulders The Sun at Noon 1943 farming, nature The Sun at Noon 14, Man and His Field 39, Snake in the Strawberries 18.
25 A Testament The ant down there, dragging his leg, America 1973 perseverance, insects Snake in the Strawberries 58.