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Title First Line Original Publicationsort descending Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
326 A Believer A dirty carpet of March snow Anglo-American Studies 1983 birth, animals A Country Man 18.
327 Cleaning Lady Her coat is vague as fog but she herself Anglo-American Studies 1983 work, virtue A Country Man 18.
328 Fallen Sign There comes a time when Anglo-American Studies 1983 farming, aging A Country Man 18.
329 Man with a Shovel The man with a shovel on his shoulder Anglo-American Studies 1983 observation, work A Country Man 59.
330 So Much Change Remember how the book would not Anglo-American Studies 1983 love, loss A Country Man 21.
331 Within Limits One afternoon in early spring Anglo-American Studies 1983 cleaning, decay A Country Man 20.
332 The Farmstead The farmstead lies in the angle Apple 1970 farming, home Shaken by Leaf-Fall 22.
333 A Curious Critter Man is both good and kind Aspen Times 1972 people, morality
334 Morning Walk The first thing after breakfast Aspen Times 1967 community, morning
335 The Day of the Hawk I went to the city Aspen Times 1970 loneliness, nature
336 Vacations What do people do for vacations Aspen Times 1970 cities, travel
337 Routine The boy drowning under waves Aspen Times 1972 routine, frustration Snake in the Strawberries 10.
338 Responsibility of Being Young All I knew concerned my Barnwood 1981 chores, death
339 A Shabby Day Out of doors, office-bound, Black and White 1979 cities, community
340 Statistics and Waterfalls The textbook lies on the Black and White 1979 knowledge, imagination
341 Death of a Marriage They reached home, Black and White 1979 divorce, silence
342 Missed Fortune Late for our dates, Boston Monthly 1982 superstition, opportunity
343 Shaped by Names You must exist somewhere Canadian Forum 1977 language, meaning Snake in the Strawberries 95.
344 Women Shearing Men The wind whistles a bawdy tune, Canadian Forum 1979 control, animals Snake in the Strawberries 97.
345 The Call The call burst into the room Cardinal Poetry Quarterly 1968 birds, destruction
346 The Morning Paper The morning paper told Catalyst 1971 war, death
347 Discovery The wind swept the yard, wrinkled the pond, Catholic Rural life 1963 nature, weather
348 Sauce for the Gander The last person to bed starts the Cedar Arts Forum 1978 marriage, night
349 Moments of Being Away Today I walked through the house Chariton Review 1983 ownership, belonging
350 There Are Those Who Say This I lit the bonfire, Chariton Review 1983 fire, destruction