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Title First Linesort descending Original Publication Date Themes Republication Hearst Collections
126 Emeritus He cleans out the file and crams National Retired Teachers Association Journal 1977 retirement, time
127 Lack of Seed Power He drooped like a wilted flower Harper's Bazaar 1980 impotence, regret
128 A Hawk Is Not a Rabbit He got the message! Colorado Quarterly 1978 independence, aging
129 Never Too Late He grunted, jammed North American Review 1984 aging, gardening A Country Man 28.
130 Best Not to Hope for Miracles He had heard that water A Country Man 1993 mortality, illness A Country Man 41.
131 Need of Solid Ground He hadn't offended God nor failed His Word Limited View 1962 work, perseverance Limited View 18.
132 An In-Between Time He hasn't quite left her, Poetry Now 1980 divorce, change
133 How Good is Good Enough He must have read whatever signs Poetry Now 1981 homelessness, distinctions
134 Retired He sulks in his garden, Hika 1966 Depression, retirement
135 Born Again He woke up when she died, Poetry Now 1976 loss, death
136 Memorial Day 1982 Henry Jensen sits in the sun A Country Man 1993 war, death A Country Man 32.
137 Cleaning Lady Her coat is vague as fog but she herself Anglo-American Studies 1983 work, virtue A Country Man 18.
138 The Search Here on the hillside is a square of ground Wallace's Farmer 1940 farming, neighbors A Single Focus 37, Landmark and Other Poems 46.
139 The Young Old-Timer His hands seek each other under his overall bib The Sun at Noon 1943 farming, resentment North American Review (1974) 32. The Sun at Noon 12, Landmark and Other Poems 44.
140 Mind-Boggled His mind bent with the weight A Country Man 1993 religion, uncertainty A Country Man 39.
141 The Sage and the Stones His Neighbors farmed
142 Emerson's Page His Neighbors scratched Educational Leadership 1959 nature, wisdom Limited View 28, Shaken by Leaf-fall 50, Landmark and Other Poems 29.
143 The Vine His wife and young son in his heart, the future riding his shoulders The Sun at Noon 1943 farming, nature The Sun at Noon 14, Man and His Field 39, Snake in the Strawberries 18.
144 Better a Bonfire Hitch up the mule, A Country Man 1993 memory, secrecy A Country Man 29.
145 Modern Design How can you clean up the place Slow Loris Reader 1978 order, gardening
146 The Great Coincidence How strange that in the human flow, Man and His Field 1951 love, chance Heartland: Poets of the Midwest 80. Man and His Field 53.
147 A Way to Measure How stupid to try to measure Cottonwood Review 1968 time, memory
148 Veteran's Day How thankful they should be, Des Moines Register 1976 war, innocence Snake in the Strawberries 65.
149 Truth How the devil do I know Sparrow Magazine 1961 knowledge, farming Heartland: Poets of the Midwest 79, Interpreting Literature. 4th ed. K.L. Knickerbocker and H.W. Reninger, eds. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. 1969. 289, Interpreting Literature. 5th ed. 1974. 19, North American Review (1974) 19, The Iowan (Spring Limited View 38, Snake in the Strawberries 28, The Good Earth 67.
150 Choreman I am a born choreman A Country Man 1993 work, pride A Country Man 44.