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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republicationsort descending Hearst Collections
76 The Meeting This is the curb where Motive 1966 love, loss A Single Focus 60, Landmark and Other Poems 23.
77 Taking the Bull to Water The herd bull leaves his stall Poet and Critic 1982 animals, danger
78 On Vacation Your five days of driving The Complete Poetry of James Hearst 2001 vacation, alienation
79 Shaped by Names You must exist somewhere Canadian Forum 1977 language, meaning Snake in the Strawberries 95.
80 Something Not Tamed in Us Early this winter morning Snake in the Strawberries 1979 birds, charity Snake in the Strawberries 4.
81 Here and There It's true the days are longer, Snake in the Strawberries 1979 spring, despair Snake in the Strawberries 47.
82 Day's Routine A day of simple duties Today 1966 work, marriage Landmark and Other Poems 22.
83 Plea for Persistence Wait and begin again, Periodical of Art in Nebraska 1975 persistence, knowledge
84 Wedding Anniversary A frightening day Sunday Clothes 1975 farming, anger Proved by Trial 11.
85 Crop Inspector The farmer opened the gate, Poetry Now 1984 farming, perseverance
86 Vacations What do people do for vacations Aspen Times 1970 cities, travel
87 The Insatiable Demand He chopped his work The New Renaissance 1979 busyness, overwhelmed
88 Forked Road It's hard to decide sometimes Wascana Review 1976 decisions, obligation Snake in the Strawberries 64.
89 Quiet Sunday The old dog sleeps on the porch. Sparrow Magazine 1961 stillness, Sunday Limited View 39, Landmark and Other Poems 57.
90 We All Bear the Mark The mark of Cain is hard to spot Rendezvous 1967 sin, judgement
91 Valley and Mountain The valley floor crawls with streets Michigan Quarterly 1969 mountains, transcendence Shaken by Leaf-Fall 13, Snake in the Strawberries 70.
92 Choreman I am a born choreman A Country Man 1993 work, pride A Country Man 44.
93 A Way to Measure How stupid to try to measure Cottonwood Review 1968 time, memory
94 Guarding the Fire The wind throws snow at the window The Sun at Noon 1943 imagination, alienation
95 Espaliered on a Wailing Wall Farmland lacks immunity to the Wascana Review 1980 nature, cities
96 Evergreen Transformations ‘‘Who knocks on my door?’’ asks History The Alumnus 1976 education, truth
97 Random Thoughts Our plan of life together A Country Man 1993 death, loss A Country Man 56.
98 Sad, the Way It Is Stay, stay, pussy willow pussies, Green Magazine 1975 time, impermanence
99 Karma Still, cries of hunting shake the grove DePaul Literary Magazine 1965 hunting, wilderness A Single Focus 26, Snake in the Strawberries 45.
100 Improve the View Why don't you decorate Nebraska Review 1981 religion, mortality