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Title First Line Original Publication Date Themes Republicationsort descending Hearst Collections
76 The Unprotected The sun at noon America 1959 farming, responsibility Limited View 35, Snake in the Strawberries 27.
77 Now Hear This Your Honor, she cried, I need help. Poetry Now 1982 religion, marriage
78 A Green Voice Whatever cold tones Midwest Quarterly 1969 renewal, holiday Shaken by Leaf-Fall 54, Landmark and Other Poems 24.
79 Conservative The wilderness sleeps in seed and furrow Today 1966 farming, wilderness A Single Focus 67, Landmark and Other Poems 49.
80 At Least Once a Problem Solved Sometimes I feel like a shadow Colorado Quarterly 1978 birth, accomplishment
81 A Secret to Live By In the attic of my mind Snake in the Strawberries 1979 memory, revelation Snake in the Strawberries 10.
82 There Are Those Who Say This I lit the bonfire, Chariton Review 1983 fire, destruction
83 Apparition in the Afternoon The telephone lies in its incubator. 1979
84 Impudence Rowdy winter wind, Man and His Field 1951 wind, winter Man and His Field 52.
85 Owner The morning sun surveys the time for me, Sparrow Magazine 1961 farming, ownership
86 Comfort in an Old Tune The fields echo an old tune Pebble: A Magazine of Poetry 1971 nature, peacefulness Shaken by Leaf-Fall 71, Landmark and Other Poems 27.
87 Chill Comfort The sun rose, burned off the mist, Virginia Quarterly Review 1975 breakfast, loneliness Proved by Trial 17.
88 Every Teacher Has One This morning I cleaned out English Journal 1971 memory, secrecy
89 The Neighborhood The neighborhood has a mind and heart of its own The Sun at Noon 1943 secrecy, community The Sun at Noon 24, Snake in the Strawberries 20.
90 The Hurt of Pleasure Once a week she comes to share A Country Man 1986 gardening, friendship A Country Man 42.
91 Statistics and Waterfalls The textbook lies on the Black and White 1979 knowledge, imagination
92 On Guard The sun protects my back Tinderbox 1978 morning, fear
93 Weather Wise The wind might be telling a lie Planting Red Geraniums: Discovered Poems of James Hearst 2017 weather, seasons Planting Red Geraniums 18
94 Cross Purposes The farmer sun Discourse: A Review of Liberal Arts 1961 weather, superstition Limited View 36, Landmark and Other Poems 40.
95 The Oldest Season The eye's doors blown open America 1968 winter, defamiliarization Shaken by Leaf-Fall 19.
96 To a Loquacious Friend Either you bleat like a moth-eaten Iowa State Liquor Store 1970 language, nature
97 Wilderness Token Wild grapes tied their vines New Mexico Quarterly 1964 nature, appreciation A Single Focus 16.
98 Moving Day I have moved from one house A Country Man 1993 moving, change A Country Man 38.
99 Anyone Can See Anyone with half wit can see Poetry Now 1981 farming, gift
100 Day of the Cornfield The day of the cornfield all right, The Small Farm 1976 farming, observation Snake in the Strawberries 59.